Raw, Pure Potential

These last six days sitting in a hospital bed awaiting surgery have been an interesting study in opening to possibility and raw potential. Thanks to my heart (I love that it is my heart) I see potential a bit differently, or perhaps more clearly than ever before.

Life is raw, pure potential unfolding moment by moment, breath by breath. That potential is the stuff of everything that takes form, that becomes visible, is made manifest. It is empty, uncolored in any way. As i see it now, it is unadulterated love.

Love is not at all what most think it to be. It is the raw material that takes shape and form through the portal of consciousness.

It is for this reason that love has been described as non-judgmental, patient and kind. That it is blind and fearless, for it is pure, unfiltered, untainted by any thing, any belief, any thought. It is pre-thought, the ground of all life.

When pure potential – love – meets consciousness, ripples arise in awareness creating the appearances of people and things, of planets and the entire cosmos. They are divinely designed to touch us, to open holes in the ephemeral fabric of awareness and change us irrevocably. Inspiration, awe and wonder, grief and suffering, all play this role, all mirror back to us something within that is ripe for expansion. Sometimes we see it clearly, feel it in every cell. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and yet change is afoot, at least the seed of it is planted.

If we realize ourselves to be a constantly expanding universe of One, the whole and its exquisite pieces, life shifts into a field of pure possibility, of raw potential that is our outrageously spectacular playground. As we expand, the consciousness pouring through us expands the whole, for while we are no longer controlled by the collective we are a part of it. We impact the collective because the collective still resonates at the level where it is buffeted by the whole, whether those within it accept it or not.

It is at this moment of true reckoning that life begins.

Before these last few days, I previously understood that personal consciousness was swayed, impacted, at the least influenced by the collective. This time confined to bed has shown me that simply isn’t so, or at least it doesn’t have to be. We share a world that is collectively created but it is not collectively experienced by each in the same way. We are each unique and experience life based on our own internal imprints. The imprints on life’s forms while appearing collective are only so as long as we believe they are. Once consciousness clears and the foreground and background of life are realized to be pure, raw potential, the stuff of love, the game changes.

Until that realization we are at the effect of the collective’s story, its consciousness. We see through that lens and can’t question much of what is given to us as our basic reality. We experience cause and effect, to varying degrees. We aren’t cognizant at a heart level that it’s all a story, that it is all mind, all consciousness unfolding in perfection. Fortunately for most of us the awakening process is a fairly low grade slope. Were it not, the shock of realization would stop many a heart short.

It may be time to stop complaining, stop arguing with life, for it is the perfect outpicturing of consciousness: exact, identical, literal. Pure potential meets consciousness and manifests moment by moment, instantaneously eternally. It cannot but create the contents of consciousness. That is its design. That is a loving God, a benevolent creator. The outer is the perfect mirror of the inner.

Earth is a carousel upon which we unravel. Round and round we go, unwinding lower consciousness as it expands into higher, ever higher versions. Why? Perhaps just for the fun of it!

Today as I took a pill that science under the collective’s admonition says has side effects, I found myself holding the pill in my hands, energy pouring into it, and watched as it was wiped clean of belief. What was left was pure, raw potential – love – in the form of a pill. I laughed and realize that everything I thought I knew was a lie.

We are not at the effect of anything but our own consciousness. Nothing can overpower the sovereign being we are.

“Beam beloved. Life’s ferociously fresh moments undo you with each breath, taking all you hold, leaving you innocent and empty – a wise and wonderful vessel for wonderment’s master plan.” Card #38 Wonderstruck – The Wild Child

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