It’s All Mind

Life is such a wondrous experiment. Back in 2006, when I titled my first book I didn’t realize just how profound that moniker was. Life is definitely The Grand Experiment, an Expedition of Self Discovery. The longer I live the greater opportunity I am given to delve the truths, to experience the sensations that ripple through awareness as they penetrate this thick skull and gentle heart balls to the bones (stealing the Oracle’s term from The Matrix).

That which was I has been hijacked and plunged full force into the Now, the Here in such an unprovoked twist of destiny. Shocks, imminent death, more shocks, unending shocks, providing proof positive of no control have wrested mind’s hold on the illusion. Nothing, no aspect of this Beingness I am will be left behind, abandoned for nothing within it holds any potential to be discarded.

Grokking that, when truly imbibed, taken deep into the cells, offers immense freedom, stunning release. All of you gets to come home!

Mind is quite the mischief maker, the foundation of all the good and evil, right and wrong in the world. It is the full spectrum of colors from black to white and everything in between. Its offering is inestimable for without it, that little troublemaker, there’d be no juice for expansion, no madhouse of separation, no funhouse of insights and awakening. The playground of discovery would go poof! What moves this from profoundly powerful to hilariously cosmic is that none of it is Real. It is all mind and capable of shifting in a whisper of delight.

Years ago I was driving across the Fremont Bridge in Portland and my mind exploded with the insight, ‘It’s all Mind!’. The reaction was initiated that day but the full fragmentation was yet to be completely experienced. Perhaps there is no bottom to anything, ever. It seems that every day since, the fragments have continued to break apart into smaller and smaller pieces until they now are disapparating (thanks Harry Potter for that word which means magically dissolving). What appears to remain is what was always, in reality, here. I still seem to be in a body to all outward appearances. And yet, that is so not the case. I haven’t felt body normally for years … and this is a wHolly new level of not. Sometimes I wonder if I will actually disapparate –apparently here in one moment and gone the next. How far can awareness be expanded before the earth presence is no more? Tis an unknown commodity .. so far.

Mind creates from its view, always. It creates on the spectrum of dense limitation to absolute expansion. Even so, the world it creates here in the 3D is naught but an illusion of forms and labels. Most people play in the denser world of form and rarely stray beyond its self-imposed boundaries. Inside that world they become like a puppy chasing its tail, chasing one internal view after another, their own Facebook algorithm of self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is easy to understand how that self populates and perpetuates. We aren’t actually being influenced by things outside of us for they don’t actually exist as the mind thinks. We are influenced by our mind’s take on them. It is actually quite a brilliant design. Once embodied, we live in a mirage like environment. Forms appear in awareness. If we stopped there and simply directly experienced the sensations that appear, life would be golden. But, owing to karma, to that which came before and is now present in held positions, and by the way goes with us into the next incarnation, the story we come to experience unfolds. The mind grabs hold and crafts a story of good for me or bad for me and the game is on.

Life is all about a return to the simple direct experience of Life, its aliveness, its purity, its beloved beauty. Why? Because that is the stuff of which we are. When resting in the present moment, the here-now becomes possible, life shifts into another lived reality. Life happens spontaneously. It unfolds with precision, arising as whatever is required for the next perfect experience. There actually is no doing at all.

Using the example of a physical relocation: From within identity, mind cannot help but create based on its positions. It checks all possibilities, worries about what might or might not happen, places roadblock and detours in its path. It is the doer, the one who has to exert at least some modicum of control for it believes in its power to effect change. From within simple, Basic awareness, if you are to move to a new home, the need to explore real estate listings doesn’t even appear. When the space that is next is to be found, the impulse to go look arises. If it is to be, nothing can prevent it … or hurry it along. Action happens without thinking. Suddenly you are simply taking the next appropriate step. You may not even know how, where or why, or you might. The answer to the next question appears. You simply know. Each need comes replete with its remedy. Questions about mistakes drop out of the equation entirely. Such an idea is foreign for there is no one left who could make a mistake. God is All.

Completely given over, you are the portal between pure potential and the manifest world. You feel it all; you experience your God-given divinely granted life in its Totality. There is no role remaining for there is no owner of the role, no identification with the unfolding grandeur left. There is simply awareness experiencing life life-ing and to everyone around you it looks like nothing has changed at all.

God. Hidden in plain sight. What a hoot! All dressed up as me and you!!

I am typing from my hospital bed. To the nurses it looks like I am here. In a day or two, to the surgeon, as I am laid upon his operating table, it will look the same. It seems they have discovered the cause of my recent defibrillator shocks – a loose wire in the device, such a shocking scenario. The game goes on. Such a wild ride. Perhaps this particular section of road is nearly complete.

Much love to you all.

“There is only here, only now, and until it passes, your aversion to it.” Card #12, Here, Here — The Wild Child.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Amaya. Wondering how and where you are being, I just got my answer reading your post. Even being shocked as it were, you reach out with the teaching, with what you’re learning. You again and again choose to rise above whatever is attempting to tether you…yes? Or perhaps you would say there is no mind left to do the choosing.

    Presence. God. All. May the layers, the illusions each of us has continue to fall away. As you await your surgery, watch out for others in your near vicinity; they may be rising as well!! And may it all go smoothly. My wish for you is no more physical suffering….but then it’s brought you so many gifts! Love, love. bandhu

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