The Dance

I didn’t quite have the whole of it. Wouldn’t exactly say I was wrong, just that truth seems to be constantly expanding, or at least the understanding that is taking root here is. Isn’t that always the case with a blown open mind? How fun is that!

When I wrote of the present moment I knew that I was missing something. I just couldn’t quite catch it. I thought of it as a potent portal, a precious embrace, the sweet spot intersecting earth and heaven. When I thought of it I saw a cross with humanity hanging upon it with no wiggle room left, simply here, now with no choice or desire to climb down.

Every time I spoke of it something pulled on me. How could it ever be anything but the present moment? How could you return to something you couldn’t leave? Wouldn’t that be impossible? And yet, experience felt like one could be drawn away by the sense of separation, by the need for something other than this now, this here.

So, the uncomfortable experience of bodyminds disrupted what I inherently knew to be true.

Here, now — the present moment is not a moment in time. It is awareness, is consciousness, is knowing knowing itself and there is nothing else. It is impossible to leave the presence, to not Be, to slip out of awareness. Even in sleep I am here, I am now.

You are too!

Who is it that is aware of your experience, regardless of what it is? Awareness. What is it that all objects, all experience arises within? Awareness. What is awareness? That’s the real discovery.

It is always present — edgeless, boundaryless infinity, all powerful — the creator of everything, all knowing for it is Knowing Itself. It is all inclusive, denying nothing. It cannot be harmed, has never been born, will never die. It is timeless eternality. That’s the reason you feel like you don’t age. because YOU don’t. It is genderless, neither healthy or ill, fat or thin, good or bad. It is our true nature. No. More than that. It is our reality.

Look for yourself. Is there anything outside of awareness? of knowing? of consciousness? of the present moment? of here? of now? Different words for the same thing — you.

Our human experience is the finite expression of the infinite. There’s a reason we always know there is more, that we are more. We are This I Am taking form for the joy of it, the fun of it, for that is what This Is — pure creativity and we are Its expression, its movement, its dance.

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