What’s the Point?

What’s the point? Enlightenment, awakening seem to be the rage, ideas of them anyway. But really, what’s the point? Does it matter if we simply live our lives as normal everyday humans or go on the grand quest for enlightenment? Is one better than the other? In order for there to be a better choice wouldn’t there have to be a point?

What if there isn’t? Perhaps there is no point at all.

Does that change the quest? We all quest. It just takes different shapes and forms. Even the man or woman caught in the ache of despair, contemplating suicide or actually committing it, is searching. They too, search for a way out of the suffering. It’s the normal everyday thing to do whether you are aware of it or not.

We are all seekers. Some seek outside of themselves for glory, fame, money and meaning. Others seek within. All seek the same thing: peace and happiness. We just have different ideas of what will give that to us. Is one better than the other? No. They simply are. The idea of meaning is one of the tricky ways the quest ensures its continuance.
What we seek, whether inside or out, will not allow us to find that which is unseekable. We cannot find that which we are. We are It already. We just can’t see it because we wear the tightly fitted coat of many colors: control, self, righteousness and wrongness, choice and blame, others, life and death, the many things enabling the search. We are bound up in things searching for a thing — peace and happiness — that isn’t a thing at all.

If it’s so hard to find, impossible as you say, why do we continue to search?

You can’t not. It is the very nature of the design. You are the infinite taking finite form. The infinite is the lodestone and your limited human expression is little bits of iron. You are magnetized infinity and want to return, feel compelled to return, hence the search. You know you are more. You desire to feel it with every cell. That desire is infinity’s trumpet. You search because the infinite within fuels the fires of belief, creating unending hope that your search will bear fruit, that you will find what you look for. You will. You can’t not, but it won’t be in the form you seek.
What you search for cannot be found. The search as designed is bound to fail and that is its savings grace. It brings you to a dead stop, obliterating every idea of control. Eventually, by grace, you simply can go no further with the charade. All the necessary characters have been played out, all the scenarios enacted.

Why can’t I see it? Why do I, like most people, continue living normal ordinary lives?

Being This demands everything from you. It requires full surrender. Absolute. Nothing held back. Life is massively interesting whether it seems to be a good experience or not so good. To look away is nearly impossible for most. Life is like a car wreck. Everyone slows down to look. Until your world is rocked so completely that looking is the only option left, odds are you’ll continue to gawk.

What’s it feel like to surrender, to truly stand without one iota of resistance?

Remember that scene towards the end of The Lord of the Rings, Two Towers, when treebeard took down the supports for the damn and the river washed everything away. Yeah. It’s like that.
What can I do? I want that?

Nothing. Do nothing. Simply stop. If you can’t, simply notice.

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