Out of Options

Any practice is the practice of the limited mind. Of course it is, the unlimited has no need of practice. Does that mean that all practice is egoic and should be stopped?


If that were true nobody would ever move off the couch. Change is a’happening here on planet earth. It’s a given. It is a deep truth that we are that change — the changeless and the change that arises out of the pure potential we are.

Seeing that a life of separation is limitation, realizing that suffering remains, understanding that you are still filled with the urge to change your experience … or even sensing the nobodyness you are, that there is no one here to practice, is not a reason to try to stop. Seeing whatever is real for you enrichens practice. Practice until the practice ceases organically. As long you see the existence of options, stopping will always be at the bottom of the list.

Investigate. Inquire. See what you believe. See what happens when you do. Be extravgantly curious.

Many, including me, have suggested stopping. There is some validity in stopping the search, at the least knowing the seeking will end. It’s just that most can’t stop because the separate self cannot, will not stop the separate self. The separate self’s absence is the definition of stopping. Just notice that momentum has you. It’s perfect. Everything you are is.

Even when the you stops, momentum will click along without missing a beat. Absent the identified self, it’s a totally different experience. No identification — just imagine what that portends. No description is adequate.

Only the ripe fruit falls from the tree onto the heap below. Gloriously ripen. All fruit ripens in perfect timing. Be what you are, where you are, and do the work of ripening, unlearning all that you know, seeing through everything you believe to be true, so that when you next hear the call your heart clamors for, stopping will be the only option left.

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