The Cat’s Meow

Driving into town today I started laughing and my entire body lit up in an all-encompassing smile. I looked out upon what I have called the world and plainly saw its stunning beauty. The words, ‘form is beauty, beauty is form’ came into clear focus. Form, the world, you, me, everyone and everything, is the beauty of the ages – form arising in and as the appearance of time and space. If I could have dropped to my knees sitting in my car’s driver seat I would have. Probably a good thing I didn’t. 😉

Devotion, wisdom, and beauty are not separate paths, they are interwoven threads of love, different expressions dancing as the winds of life. Each is a sacred pathway, a burnt offering at the altar of the heart. All are inescapably entwined, transparent to those who would look, utterly obscured, unseeable to the uninitiated, to those who have yet to trust what their hearts already know.

Today, I realized that I tread all paths: the path of wisdom, seeking to understand the words of mystics until books fell away and words came not to me, but through me; the path of devotion, splayed on the altar of truth: whatever it is, however it unfolds, truth at any cost, even at the price of every single belief or my last breath; and the path of beauty.

I didn’t see myself upon the path of beauty until today. It seems that until I was ready to see my own beauty that path was hidden from me. I appreciated, even celebrated, the beauty I did accept – the sunsets, the light in another’s eyes, this planet so richly magnificent, but I missed the entire beautiful point. With my unqualified surrender of ideas, thoughts and delusions about beauty, the inherent beauty of form itself came into view.

Of course! It makes absolute sense. I cannot fully see what I withhold from myself.

We know this. Each and every one of us already knows the truth of us, of this sublime beingness we are. We may not have put it into words yet. We might even outwardly reject the inner impulse, that niggling sense that we are so much more, devoting ourselves instead to something more easily manageable than This separation ending, life affirming truth, This that subsumes all thoughts and concepts and strips us naked of pretense and silly ideas of me and God, beauty and ugliness, wisdom and ignorance.

You are beauty itself, and so am I. Isn’t that just the cat’s meow! Every cell in my body is tickled to finally meet the truth of you, to bow at your feet and look up into your eyes and see what’s always been here, the miracle of miracles so many call God. It DOES feel divine so I think I’ll call it Love!

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