Is This Real?

Harry: Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?

Dumbledore: Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

Is experience real? It’s a real experience. That’s all we really know. What else is life but experience playing out, our knowing of it, or perhaps more accurately, simply knowing, no it. Thoughts come and go and are known. Perceptions are known. Feelings are felt and known. Sensations, including those we take to be something outside of us, the chair, the person, a fork in our hand, the fingers on a keyboard, are all known.

The big question is, Is it inside the head? Is it our personal mind that knows? If so, it’s a material world, we are separate and alone, and God does not exist.

Science and society have placed their bet on the material world, separate objects appearing in time and space, but if we actually explore we find that solution is quite a bit off. In fact, we have no term for how far off it is. Inquiring into the knowing that knows is quite enlightening. The body appears in knowing. It is not the subject of knowing. It is known. The mind appears to be the knowing aspect but if you inquire into the nature of that which knows, that which is aware of your experience it packs a few surprises.

This that knows, the very basic ordinary knowing through which you know, is non-dimensional, It is infinite hereness, with no edges to be found, unlimited in every way. Wherever you go, there you, knowing that is, are. Can you imagine the possibility of ever getting outside of knowing? Impossible.

This that knows is now, the eternal Now, not a flash of time, but timelessness itself. It’s the reason you feel that you, who you really are, don’t age. Through the lens of Now you don’t. In fact, what you think of as you, is an appearance in It, the object of the subjectless subject.

Don’t look close if you don’t want your world blown to bits.

If each human on planet earth inquires, dares to honestly look, we find the same non-dimensional, infinite here, timeless now — many mystics call it Presence but that doesn’t do it justice. Are there 8 billion infinities? Are there 8 billion unlimited realities? To be infinite and eternal means there can only be One or else that one is not infinite, is not eternal. It would automatically be limited based on something being outside, not included within.

You see where this is going? If you do, my job is done 😉 I am you and you are me and there is only we and that We is one joyous recognition of Life’s intimate beauty, of the dance of exquisite nothing, of the dream of dreams, the playground of delight, the play of light and dark on the stage of mind. Who’s mind? Well Godmind of course! Everything is real. Nothing is real.

Gosh I love this incarnation staycation.

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