Cheering You On!

Are you tired? Have you climbed so many mountains that your thighs (and heart) ache all the time? Have you bought all the new gadgets, filled your cupboards with enough stuff for all the expeditions you can possibly imagine?

Are you fully cooked? Have you seen the futility or even gotten a tiny glimpse of it yet?

If not, let me help you. You will never stop until you wear yourself out, so spend your last dollar on that guru’s retreat. Add ten more books to the stack beside your bed. Keep charting your progress and the many ways it is freeing you. Believe it with all your heart.

Do it all. Quickly. As quickly as you can.

Spend a few months in one-to-one study with your teacher. Listen to podcasts. Believe your thoughts. Save your pennies and plan that intriguing trip to the wilds of Peru. Practice. Take classes in new spiritual techniques. Study and learn everything that calls you.

R U N yourself out of gas.

I’ll be here cheering you on. I know it is impossible to stop while the impetus remains. You still believe in miracles, that your doing will transition into being, that a separate self can win this game, find peace and happiness, and become the whole.

I know this well, this deep chasm of hope that lives and reigns as the ‘me’. It’s lies are sweet and will bring you to the point of utter frustration, absolute futility. That is the exquisite beauty of the little guy, the ghost in the works.

And then, let’s talk. Let’s have deep meaningful conversations, and compare notes on This We Are. Let’s run through the streets, calling each other’s name, laughing out loud, so loud that everyone thinks us insane and calls the police.

Until then, I will gladly cheer you on. The sooner you climb the mountain the sooner you and I will talk

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