Dream a Little Dream

It’s all illusion, real but not in the way you think, perceived in a way diametrically opposed to what actually is. You might say life is real illusion. How fun is that!

It feels real. It experiences as real. Even our dreams at night have a real feel to them. Sometimes you wake up and have to convince yourself the dream wasn’t real, but because you’ve been conditioned to believe the dream is not real, you buy into your convincing argument.

Was the dream really unreal or were you simply a good salesperson, selling yourself something you didn’t really need? What if the dream that takes place upon your pillow is no less real than ordinary everyday life? It is after all, a real dream.

It’s ALL a dream in the mind of Consciousness, in Godmind. All. Of. It. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sleep dream or one in the apparently waking state.

Knowing that, grokking it deeply, doesn’t make it any less important, any less valuable, any less real. Actually it makes it more fun, more fascinating, more miraculous in every way. Every one, every thing we encounter instantly transforms into an exquisite jewel beyond price. The you that was falls in love with whole darn holyfractalgraphic display. Whoopee!  

Why? It’s all Consciousness – you, me and the world. Everything we experience as here, in apparent time, is a show of grand substance being created moment by moment just for us. What’s not to love about that! We are Consciousness Itself: playing with, reveling in, celebrating, loving, dancing with ourSelf. This incarnation dance doesn’t have to be a struggle, a war of sides. There is only one side and it is This, a playground of experiencing, of knowing and regardless of what you think, it’s the same for all of us.

Last night I was curious about my mother’s experience of life and I found myself standing in her skin right before she died. She saw the world just like me. I don’t mean with the same understandings and beliefs, traumas and joys, although most of her holding patterns had fallen away over the previous six months. She saw the world through and as the same exact awareness.

We all experience life through the selfsame, absolute-ly identical lens. We are the lens through which experience experiences itself, the basis, the bottom line, the sacred ground of all experience. We are Consciousness having a timespace experience: raw, open, all-inclusive, timeless, spaceless, non-dimensional, infinite eternality.

Naturally, every experience of This varies based upon the willingness and capability to remain open to whatever appears … and that’s what life in a spacetime suit offers, a holy opportunity to see through the ruse, to awaken the truth of you at a cellular level, to know without doubt who you are, to find the peace and happiness that is your birthright.

Amen brothers and sisters!

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