Absolutely Anything

Honestly, I don’t care if we are evolving past the third dimension. I’m not even concerned if Rome burns. I can’t buy into the fear or the hope for a brand new world, one that we’ll like better even if it is all about love.

Sounds a little like a new age version of the rapture to me. I’ve lived in that world and frankly, I’d rather not go back. Ideas of better always leave someone on the outside. I’ve had dreams of hot air balloons lifting off from earth and those left behind screaming, reaching out, begging for the balloon to pick them up. It wasn’t fun, didn’t feel right at all, even though I was already in the balloon.

I think that’s what the dream was showing me, not that a separation of good and evil was going to happen, not that the bridge between world was upon us, but that we create that separation with our rejection of absolutely anything. I can’t enter heaven until I bring everyone and everything with me.

I don’t get to improve this mythical them. I don’t get to clean them up, make them more presentable, more loveable. I don’t even get to see them as a charity case, forgiven of their sins. If there is a smidge of judgment the door is barred, not by some mystical pie in the sky God, but through the concept, the belief still resonating as a me.

Heaven too, any word for that matter, is a concept. As Kenny and I used to joke before his body disapparated, ‘There’s only Here, only Now, so where would I go?’

Awareness the sum and substance of the totality, appearing, blipping in and out as the world, is all there is. We are its wondrous diverse unique expressions — awareness plays all roles in this dreamland escapade and make no mistake 😉 there are no mistakes.

You, and the guy down the street, the one that feels off to you, that has a whole different take on life, are the same thing. Is he wrong and you right? It may seem that way if that’s the version of the dream queued up for you. There are no mistakes not even that. Every scintilla of experience exactly as it is is the playground.

Wake up and nothing changes. I know. That sucks doesn’t it! The dream continues, a rollercoaster ride, experiences of bliss and ordinary everyday life. The only difference is the struggle to change it, to alter its course, ends and that is heaven come to earth, just not like you thought it would be.

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