At some point when you are quite lucky, you stop, stop believing your thoughts, stop trying to get somewhere, stop needing the world to make sense, stop hoping that people will wake up, stop wanting Earth to survive. It simply all stops.

For some, it stops all of a sudden although that wasn’t the case for me. I experience it more like a traveling minstrel show, with new acts appearing with no warning. Most minds think it stops instantly once reality breaks open and shares its secrets, when you realize you have no power, never have, and that you don’t really exist, at least not in the way you always thought. You’d think that would do it, wouldn’t you? Nope. At least not here. Maybe I’m just slow … or simply savoring the ride.

Bit by bit, belief by belief, they slough off, an avalanche of useless tidbits collected and prized along the way, until the remaining outliers lay outlined like blinking neon signs, impossible to miss, inscribed in consciousness for what they are — the ways we maintain separation. Then they don’t just slough anymore; they shatter.

One did that today. It was a holdout card from my dwindling deck, the Savior Card. It wasn’t my card specifically but the mythical heroes/heroines card, the one who would save the world, bring light to the darkness, heal the planet and bring about peace. Just a tiny insignificant card 😉

Seeing it, I chuckled. Now who’s going to do that? All those wonderful things might happen. Yet again, they might not. Maybe earth is a kindergarten planet and needs to stay exactly as she is. How would I know? The question that presented itself was, am I good with it either way? If not, I was still on the hook.

It didn’t take but a breath to let earth and all its magnificent beings be — be whatever they are, be off the hook and beyond need of a savior. I was never calling the shots. What a silly sweet loving burden that one is to tote around.

Anything is in the realm of possibility. If all those glorious shifts take place, how cool would that be! If they happen though, it won’t be me doing it, even if to some it appears that way. It won’t be you either. We’re not honchos here, let alone the head honcho. We don’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. If we were to abandon form today nothing would be left undone. Life would continue without missing a beat, as would I, as would you.

We are the dreamed characters, not the Dreamer, the expressions of This that only Is. Sometimes it takes a while for all the remnants of personal identification to drop. That too, is part of the dream. There never was anything personal about This. Everything in form is the dream, the dreamed characters and all the contents of the dream included. Last night I dreamed of flying. Tonight a new dream will bubble into awareness, a seeming personal dream. It is a dream within the Dream. This Dream, the Entirety, the Totality, the Dream in Godmind, creates as it will. Flying, planets colliding, weather extremes, all of it is made of the same dream stuff.

We have front row seats to this magical epoch, this dream we’re experiencing now. If we are to play a role, we will be dreamed into it. If we are to sit and eat popcorn, that too will be. We are always in the correct theater, sitting in the perfect row and the right seat. It couldn’t be otherwise.

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  1. Very well stated. I giggled a bit. You probably know where. Love and peace 2U. #walkinbeauty



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