Attempting the Impossible

There seems to be an ongoing argument. Spirit or human? Infinite or finite? Ethereal or material? What if it isn’t one or the other?

I’m not sure I can put my current experience into words but you know me, I’ll try. THIS is more complex and more simple than either/or. Minds want a true or false answer. Holding the brilliantly complex simplicity, the no-answer answer is more than minds can grok. Picture a head exploding: minds can’t get it. That’s why I’m not sure I will even be able to get close to something resembling an answer, but heck, it is fun to try. Nothing better to keep a girl happy!

This I am, This that only is, consciousness, is indefinable and unfathomable and while the word consciousness is not nearly accurate enough or even true for that matter, I use it because it comes as close as any word and has at least a snowballs chance of being understood. Well, maybe a small, itsy bitsy snowball. Words are what we’ve got, inadequate as they are they do offer a smidge of possibility.   

Consciousness without objects is empty creative force: omniscient, all-knowing, self aware awareness; omnipotent, the only power; omnipresent, everywhere, everything, the only thing and no thing. Yeah. Sounds like spiritualese. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I’ll do better … maybe.

Consciousness is the awareness through which objects are experienced, out of which the totality of experience is created, and that into which it all things dissolve after they run their course: the womb, the cradle, the grave, and the funnel of rebirth.

Consciousness is often mislabeled as ‘my consciousness’ since it is the very ordinary awareness by which you know you are having any experience. It’s not your consciousness. Consciousness has you; you appear in consciousness.  Take a look and see. It’s easily verifiable.  

While Consciousness is not a thing, the activity of consciousness is everything: the apparent space, never-ending time, and all things that appear in spacetime. Bonus: Time and space are not real in and of themselves, but handy viewpoints that allow the mind of separation, the activity of consciousness, the limited forms, to navigate as individuals and experience life. How cool is that! Oh come on. Be honest. You knew time wasn’t real.

Even though things — bodies, trees, oceans, animals, plants, rocks, all stuff — are not made of what we think – matter, not even quantum stuff, they ARE made of consciousness and are real and precious, priceless beyond words. It’s all, you included, THIS I AM (what we call God) experiencing being alive. What appears as matter is consciousness. Appearances of molecules and atoms are consciousness in seeming form. How else would consciousness get to experience itself? Without the building blocks to shape and form objects there’d be nothing to experience.   

Consciousness cannot be separated from its appearances any more than the sun can be separated from light, the flower from scent, the fire from heat. The idea of spirit or flesh is ludicrous. Mind or matter misses the point entirely.

So, is it real or is it illusion? Concentrate on one or the other and the answer shifts. Focus on the visible display and it looks like matter appearing as life and death. Focus on the invisible and it looks like life itself is an illusion. Both are limited viewpoints. The material and the ethereal cannot be separated. When we do, we suffer, regardless of which fork in the indivisible road we take. There is no fork in the road. It is simply two (not two) lanes on the same freeway. The fact that life is consciousness on display does not make it any less real? The idea of real or illusion is a parlor trick. It’s all real, just not in the way we’ve been conditioned.  

It’s all consciousness and that points to one helluva BIG insight. If consciousness is all there is, that means there is no personal consciousness. The personal is consciousness taking form in one cosmically conscious display. Life is shared consciousness, shared worlds and each limited form of consciousness accesses a share of the whole depending on how open the particular localization of consciousness is.

THIS is me, you and the world. We are so much more than brothers and sisters. We are the one and only not twoness, the bizness of Isness itself. And of course, this is the current best understanding, as best I can express it, and is expanding and more comprehensive with each new experience. Experience really is the Holy Grail. Consciousness and Experience – the two that are one.

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