Pot o’ Gold

It’s all the path. No one holds a key to the mystery. There are no sages, no enlightened ones, no students, no beings stuck in ignorance. In truth, there is no one here. Well, not true 😉 gol darn these words. God, for lack of a better word, is here, in form. Not exactly no one, but not one as we ordinarily assume. There isn’t even control although appearances do arise to the contrary. What good would a game without gamers and choices be?

If you think you have choice, choose. If you guess that you don’t you’ll still choose until you don’t. If the idea of choice lets loose a big belly laugh, to others you will still appear to be choosing.

Others, such a loaded word! Other automatically implies a subject separate from an object, an other. There are no others and yet in the game of here-now appearing in time-space on this gorgeous blue ball experiential, others are precious, delicious, phenomenal phenomenons, playmates in the game. Dude! How much fun is that!

Seeing the game for what it is ups the pleasure quotient. It’s like getting a pot of gold for kicking ass in this live-action video game and the virtual prize opens up a holy new, wholly new reality level. When that occurs, some play the sage, sitting on top of a mountain that doesn’t exist while some continue playing the game incognito, assuming identities that no longer exist. After all, we do have our roles to play, none chosen, all This playing all roles, the ever expanding magical mystery tour appearing as you, as me, in form.

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