The Garden

i is the body of God, the body of the great I Am. Everything that can be perceived is the invisible made visible, the body of God. There is nothing in the perceived world that is not the body of God, made of God, because God — Consciousness — is all there is. Life in form is the body, the activity and playground of Consciousness.

Inquire, with open mind and heart, into that within which is aware of your experience, that very ordinary everyday awareness and see for yourself. You might be surprised. What do you have to lose?

It is easy to defame God, to commit blasphemy. All you have to do is deny anything. Unlike Peter who denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed, most deny the Christ, the truth of this world, with nearly every breath. There is a reason judgment, anger and hate feel so bad — they are a desecration of This we are. They are like the old adage, taking poison and expecting someone else to die. Instead, they poison the mind, seating separation on the throne of the heart.

Our hearts hurt, not because of the things others have done, but because of what we unwittingly do to ourselves. These precious beautiful hearts are made of pure consciousness and consciousness is wide open, unmitigated, seamless, non-dimensional receptivity. It can’t judge. It can’t condemn. It can’t close itself off, create boundaries of acceptability. We do that … with minds that cling to ideas of separation, that are driven by beliefs, hounded by verdicts of right and wrong, good and bad … and we hurt.

You know this. You feel this. After the high of taking someone down passes, nothing remains but a hollow grave and the gravity weighs heavily on your heart. If you can be honest with yourself you know this.

Redemption is but a breath away. Forgiveness is always present. Forgiveness is not something you give or are given. It is giving back all that you believe, forgiving everything you think, opening into that which you are — This alone, This that cannot judge, This which sees nothing to forgive, This which knows there is nothing here but Itself playing at being human, pretending to be a world.

Come play in the Garden where there is no good or evil, where arms open in a wide embrace of all that is, where nothing could be earned or paid for, where you, the truth of you, already always are.

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