Manifestation! Isn’t that the reason for most everything we do? To improve or change our manifested world, not necessarily the manifest world, but our little piece of it? he one question most want to ask but think it looks bad on them is, “How do I get better betters and less of the bad?”

I know that’s what I wanted when I became conscious of an alternative to life as I knew it. Prior to that, I was in basic reaction mode like most humans. Who am I kidding? At times, it would still be nice to have a few more days of ease. It’s just that now when the desire pops up, it’s hilariously conscious and disappears almost immediately.

There are courses on how to manifest what you want, lots of them, courses and phrases too, that have worked their way into the common lexicon: where attention goes, energy flows; you are what you think; see yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.

See, lots of them. They all aim to create change by changing you, to create positive by telling you what you’re doing wrong. Not sure how that works. Just know it didn’t solve life’s mysteries for me.

What if you aren’t doing it wrong? What if they are missing something?

I could also add the opposite end of the spectrum, a bunch of positive phrases to the puzzling puzzle: you are already perfect; you are whole; there’s nothing you can’t do; you are God.

Not much use when the words don’t match your experience of life, are they?

So what is my point? To frustrate and annoy you? To show you the futility of it all? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

My words are no less, no more, a force of action in this game than anything else and This That Is seems to like to write through me, seems to want to share Itself through my words, seems to embrace all who read them with a great love.

So what’s up? I don’t know either. I’m just as curious as you. The words haven’t been written yet.

Is the world an attention game? Can we place our attention by choice or is that the illusion? Does the programming simply play out? Are we attracted to that which fits our current programming, that reinforces what we already know?

Now there is an interesting word — what we already ‘know’. Is that on the surface level of the more reactionary physical, the inner or able to be triggered emotional, or the metaphysical level of the absolute?

What would it mean if it was all of them simultaneously?

What would kind of explain the jumble of feelings inside, wouldn’t it? Why we are attracted to seeming contradictory experiences, why on the spiritual level we are attracted to the deep truths and yet still wanna play with contention … judgment … fire.

We are uniquely heterogenous, a legion hiding inside., composed of warring factions. The outside world is the reflection of what lies within. How do we function at all? It’s a true miracle.

And yet … through it all, not in spite of it all at all, we grow and evolve. What a smashing design. Don’t you think so?

You see everyone is right … and missing the whole of it. It’s simply too uncontainable for any contained being to grasp. All the gurus have a piece of the puzzle. Most believe in their piece, though, having a piece of a living thing like a human body isn’t much to work with. The piece is still bloody, unconnected to the whole.

Can you choose? It certainly appears so. That’s the game here, the appearance of things like me, you and choice, what you’ve been doing all along — choosing all the conflicting possibilities.

Might as well play the game until the game ends you, until the game makes it clear whether you have choice or not. Prematurely sitting out isn’t the answer. Pretending you’ve got it is an unsatisfactory waystation — not in the game but not out of if — kind of a purgatory, like a kid running away from home who only wants mom and dad to come find him.

Besides, it’s the only game in town. What variety! What a sacred conflagration of disparate nonsensical sense candy this is! Might as well play ball! When the bat cracks and the ball is speeding towards you, laugh and relax into the uncertainty of it all. Live by surprise, surprised at how easily your mitt opens and …

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