What a Display!

What A Display!

I’m always fascinated that so many of the non-dual understanding focus on what isn’t rather than what is. What isn’t is kind of fascinating, rather mind-blowing, completely Holy Wow Batman in a nothing is here sort of way.

Maybe It snuck up on me, taking its time teasing out all the errant beliefs, slowly making love to me, unwinding resistance, stripping me bare, before it tipped the scales for good. Maybe that’s why, when it showed its real face, I smiled. Maybe that’s it. I had already fallen in love unconditionally irrevocably before the veils floated to the bedroom floor, before I saw its faceless face.

Maybe that’s why I love its form as much as its shapelessness, its unfathomable unreasonable mystery. Why — such a wondrous word — a gateway to eternal rippling, ever-expanding understanding, not detrimental at all.

There is no way to separate the appearance from the appearing, consciousness from its contents, the experiencing from its objects of experience other than in thoughts and words, and what are they but objects appearing, experience experiencing. Thoughts and words are This too, inherent to the movement, like gravity, they enable the apparent flow.

Drowning in the beauty of all This is could happily fill the days of infinite lifetimes, just as it is. Breathing in the splendor of greens and blues, reds and oranges, shadows shifting, movement appearing, birds flying, clouds playing, people — oh yes people — stretching growing hurting experiencing loving laughing hugging — oh my, what a world!

Even in the suffering, the dying there is beauty, such amazing grace descending displaying ascending cracking opening laying bare.

Here. In plain sight. Hidden only by belief, by ideas of what is and what cannot be, a sacred game unfolds unwinds reclaims reimagines itself — and its all sacred even though sacred is just one of many words that lights up the sky of awareness. Life is the fireworks of love loving itself as you, as me, as the everything made of nothing at all but love, consciousness, This.

Wow! What a display!

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