Bursting Bubbles

How would I know I am fully anything? Fully is a fooly word. It assumes done, complete, an absolute that does not exist in the material world, and I am still alive in the material world regardless of how much wisdom I have accrued.

It is through the material that words takes form, that actions take place, that sensations and feelings are experienced. If I am alive in a body I am in the material world. I, the I that does all those things, am a material being, limited, finite, subject to all appearances.

The fact that I know it is not all, that what I truly am creates all things, is the foundation of the totality doesn’t change that simple reality.

While life is an appearance in consciousness, and not real in the way I think it to be, in the way western society believes, it is still very real. It is a real experience and what was life before the realization of consciousness, of what this really is, took root, but a real experience? Nothing of the material reality changes. I am still here.

Sorry to burst your bubbles of hope — well, not really. How can you play and love, laugh and dance, be truly human while running down the escape ramp?

In the finite expression of the infinite shit happens. Events take places. Books are read. You fall in love. You have your heart broken. You feel lost and alone. You feel found and a part of something more. You change. You live. You go through stages of ignorance and understanding.

It’s fun to think — wow, THIS IS IT when a big shift happens. It’s fun for a moment and yet, thinking that way is an invitation to self-sabotage, to disappointment for it magnifies the self, solidifying the sense of separation that the shift just took apart, and when it happens it is nearly undetectable, that is, until another shift begins and the mind says, “Hey, I thought I was done.”

Fully, completely, absolutely don’t belong in the finite world. They belong to the absolute. One can grok what this is, but can’t escape what this is, absolute or materially. Seeing clearly changes the experience but not necessarily what’s experienced.

A being you might term enlightened is simply a human who gets it, deep down, belly deep, toes all the way in the hot water deep, no shallow end left deep, messily human, perfectly divine, no escape routes remaining, no need to escape, no where to escape from, no where to escape to.

It’s time we quit deifying the idea of enlightenment. When we do we create gods, measly little gods. When we claim this achievement for ourselves or another we create newer higher levels of separation, higher than, better than the ignorant masses.

There is only This in all its forms. Nothing and everything. All inclusive Love.

Good God!

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