Tree of Knowledge

If I look at Consciousness as God — yeah, I know God is a stretch and a loaded word, but play along with me — as the seamless timeless spaceless definitionless undivided changeless Now from which all form arises, in which all form appears, into which all form returns, then the form world, the cosmos and all its contents, could be seen as the body of God.

The nature of this Now can easily be discovered. All that is required is my willingness to look, carefully openly curiously. When I sit quietly and explore that which knows my experience its nature is visible. There is no edge to it, no place it is not, no place it is in, no time in which it appears, no division line where my consciousness begins and another’s ends. It is also empty. Were it cluttered with time and space, seams and fluctuations, the clutter would overlap obscure interfere with the many things arising as my experience.

I was taught, or should I say assumed, that clarity of perception is natural, just the way vision works. That is not true. Perceptions arise in awareness, in this Now to which I point. Close my eyes and I am still aware, still conscious, still Now. All that is removed is visual perception. Sensation, sound, perception of my surroundings remains.

This Awareness Consciousness to which I point is what many unknowingly call God. If that is the case, and my explorations certainly appear to fit the mystical descriptions, then each of us is a remote viewer, the sensing perceiving experiencing mechanism of God.

Once I see that for what it is — accepting it takes a bit longer to undo years of conditioning — I see that empty Awareness is the foundational ground of all form. Science, slowly catching up to the mystics, is following this thread as well, proving that nothing here is actually real and what most think of as matter is actually nothing but a lot of space.

What does space arise in? Awareness. Can’t escape it.

What would it mean if the entirety of experience, the totality of what can be experienced, is the body of God? What do I tell myself that would have to change? When I focus on my body’s shortcomings, its ills and limits, wouldn’t I have to acknowledge that I might be wrong, might be buying into the old story?

When I focus on Consciousness Awareness This to the exclusion of the world, wouldn’t I be missing the point of incarnating? What if waking up to what is, is only a baby step, not the big deal we make it? What if the real surprises lay in store just around the corner of the awakening experience?

Maybe that’s what Genesis really meant to convey in the words about the fall from grace and eating fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What if evil is only the idea that there is something other than God and all the evils of this world fall out of that apple tree?

What would happen if instead of life as usual, I lived in the knowledge that this is all the body of God? Empty of harm. Empty of labels. What would happen if I simply let life unfold without directing it with any beliefs and concepts of good and bad, right and wrong, wellness and illness?

It might take a while to see them all, although I feel an avalanche coming.

What would unfold? Maybe that’s where miracles come from, the ground from which instantaneous healings spring. Maybe that’s the home of peace and happiness, joy and bliss?

If I look at my thoughts closely, I always find an interconnected belief hiding deep within, awaiting my presence. Oh, that’s from eating that … oh, that’s from too much this. If it’s all the body of God how would that be possible?

Just musing … exploring … considering … opening further … further still. What is possible here? I don’t know and I seem to be pulled into this deeper exploration. Wonder of wonders. How much fun is this!

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