Non-duality is tricky to convey with any understandable transmissible meaning. What is written by anyone and what is read or heard isn’t up to the words. It’s up to something quite uncontrollable.

I’m giggling as I write this. I’ve just used several words that are bound to derail understanding. How could I not? Beyond the receiver’s willingness and openness to accept an unknown, world destroying reality, sufficient for a complete shutdown, words themselves stand in the way.

Beyond clumsy, words are inherently dual, two or more is implied, baked right in so writing cleanly, clearly about non-duality is a set up for failure. All the writer can do is make the attempt, and even that is inaccurate, for resonating as non-duality, there is no attempt, no writer, no words being written, no resonating. The moment writing appears, duality appears. The moment a word is spoken, duality. No one, no thing exists outside of the appearance of duality.

Transmission is believed possible. In duality that works — teacher, student, individuals interacting. From non-duality, using words here, there is no ‘from non-duality’, the idea is sweet, but inaccurate, a pointer to an understanding that still includes separate selves that interact. It’s an appearing taking a revered bow to the appearings, although in my experience, tends to be a bit of a crutch since it reinforces the concept of one who has it and one who does not. Has what? Who is there to have it?

Controllable, there’s another one, another word, like all words, that only works in duality: something to control and someone who can pull that wriggling rabbit out of the hat. This is a powerful illusion, another appearing, animating the illusion of a self who chases rabbits, herding them into pens labeled success and failure. It’s one of the stories that plays out in the place we call here.

Where it really gets confusing is when no attempt is made to separate duality from non-duality. It’s tricky and a superb pointer. We see what we are, where we resonate.

Why should duality be separated from non-duality? Early on it appears to be necessary. It shakes loose old beliefs, undoing of years, perhaps lifetimes, of programming. It takes letting go of separation, of control, of judgements and preferences entirely to see what actually is. As long as a me remains, it will stand in the way of seeing what is.

And … in this truly non-dual beingness there is no separation. THIS is all appearings, inseparable, beingness and its expression, all what is ising, including appearings of duality which are the only appearances there are.

There are no words to write about non-duality, only words that point to what it’s not. All words innately imply their opposite. Spaceless implies space. Timeless implies time. Seamless implies seams. All words imply something, a thing, an object, a here and there, a you and me, a world and its absence, and none exist although they certainly appear to. It’s laughable, in a giggly sort of way.

Appearings — The entire visible, experienceable, precious pageant of life and death is Appearings, Beingness seeing through a multiplicity of lenses. Words can only point. See what sees. Feel what feels. Be aware of what experiences. Look behind the curtain, behind the obvious self, into the ordinary I, and see what’s really experiencing the world through you.

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