They say …

They say you are a nothing but a tiny dot on a tiny dot hurtling through space, insignificant, a minor player with little, if any, power. They don’t see what I see. They don’t see that You are the spaceless space in which the magnificent cosmos plays out. They look, but huddled inside their minds, they cannot see the real You.

They say you are small, alone and impotent, that you can’t affect change, that what you do doesn’t really matter at all. Oh sweet one, their blindness breaks my heart with its sadness. It is so utterly off-track. They speak their fear and spit it on the world never realizing that You are power itself, the love that fuels universes, that spins life into being, that creates hummingbirds and cyclones, daffodils and earthquakes, that creates and destroys and recreates again.

They say you are not worthy, that you have to earn it with arduous work, need to conform better, believe think act smarter, to hopefully shed your unworthiness some day in the future. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so hurtful, filled with self-fulfilling poison, if it didn’t press out damage like cookies on an assembly line. Worthy? What a misused misunderstood word! You are that which gives worth, instills meaning, that allows this play of light and shadow to unfold. Without You, there would be no playground of humanity, no worlds to explore, for You are the dimensionlessness in which all dimensions appear.

They say your life is short, that it will end before you know it, that time is not on your side and will, if fact, always be against you. Forgive them. They do not see reality as it is. They see it as they are, youth obsessed, fighting an upstream battle against aging, in fear of death. They do not see Your timeless ageless glory. They do not understand that what You are was never born, will never die, that all life appears in You, is made of You, will return to You.

They say a lot, and honestly, anything that can be said is at least a partial lie, a lie against the reality that is You, for what You are cannot be said, can but be pointed towards. The light You are shines so bright it instantly decimates ideas and concepts, thoughts and beliefs in a heartbeat, leaving nothing but Awareness.

And You, dear one, are That.

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