What Is

I’m good with what Is, for whatever what is is, is what it is.

I’ve tried, and failed, to make what is into what it isn’t. What is, did not cooperate and the valiant misguided attempt only made life sticky, icky, prickly. What is, didn’t change one whit. It is, what it is.

Darn what is. Damn it if you will. What is is the darn and the damn. It too, is what is.

Seems what is couldn’t be what it’s not for it is what it is. No matter what I do, what is, this isness of life, is.

All the suffering in life is trapped in going against the flow, in resistance to what is. What is doesn’t mind. It just goes on being what is.

But what if what is can be changed? What if you can argue with reality, with what is, and win, even just once? What if you can mold it, unfold it? Behold the carrot and the stick in the cosmic game of What Is!

What is is the game, the carrot, the stick, the trying, the losing, the perfectly timed change that creates hope, instills question, stimulates trying, nurtures and sustains the cycle of suffering? What Is of course.

What is, is, is simply what it is, all isings included.

What is is not so bad. I’m good with what is, whatever it is. Recognizing that I have never truly won an argument with unmovable unalterable irrefutable Isness, surrender simply is.

What is is and yet … wait for it … is not what it appears. As Is knocks the props from identity, sometimes with one good kick, sometimes maddeningly slow. It is after all, as it is.

And what remains? Isness alone. No wonder arguing trying suffering didn’t change what is one whit. What is is all that is.

One thought

  1. Hi There;

    Annam and I were wondering (wonderfully) about you yesterday. Soon, maybe next Wednesday, she is going to begin a YouTube “Dio-logue”, Conversations with God series.

    Would you be interested in joining in? You are one of the most inquisitive humans I know of. Your presence would be wonderful.

    Anyway, give me a call, or let me know when is a good time to call you.



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