The Dance

Is awakening from this dance even possible?

The idea of awakening brings forth sweet laughter when the nature of This is recognized as what it is: infinitely precious gloriously alive consciousness appearing as dancers and dance, seen perceived sensed through the dancers’ lenses of experience.

We are the appearings, the experiencing, the living loving extension of Godmind and This out of which we appear for there is no other. Now that’s a magic act worth its weight in gold. Ideas of awakening pale in contrast.

Dancing dances itself in wondrous magical ordinary appearings of dancer, dance, and the cosmic dance floor and it’s all This. This ordinary extraordinary happening doesn’t hide, isn’t for those who’ve spent years and lifetimes in self-discovery, self-denial. It is the truth of us, right here, right now.

We focus on the dance. With each focusing we bring that bit of interest forward and ignore that which sees, which experiences. The I Am, that which we are, Aware Presence, is too common, not special enough to catch our attention, or so it seems.

… so the dance music plays on. There is no one to be awake or enlightened although it appears so. The appearings are fun, addictive, attractive, engaging. I get to be an I for a short-lived turn around the floor, experiencing the laughter, the dress-up make-believe spins and gyrations. Decorations perfectly placed in infinite themes, offer the exact experience desired, likely not consciously, but desired nonetheless and I get to dance.

Round and round the floor I go. Partners appear and disappear. The music changes, the experience ripening, deepening as the band plays on. It’s a dance-a-thon, with ever more intricate hooks and riffs, spinning a story of loss and love, of ignorance and awakening, fantastic stories within the dance. There is literally no end to the possibilities.

Until we utterly tire of the dance, dripping with sweat, wholly overwhelmed by the noise, the dance continues. Once we walk out the door, we can’t stand around outside and peak in the window. I know; I tried. I was so afraid of missing the dance that I waited on the porch quite a while before life consumed this heart and Aware Presence took center stage.

Appearances are the dance for there is nothing but appearings. Aware Presence dances, experiences, sleeps, awakens, returns to Itself only to walk back onto the dance floor for another spin.

Full surrender, walking off the dance floor and not looking back is but a step in the dance. It ends nothing but the heartache and frustration of that part of the dance we call separation.

It’s all good. It’s all God. It’s all the dance dancing itself.

In my dear sweet mother’s words, just before she spun back into a body, “It all looks good from here!”

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