Underneath belief lies fear: every belief, beliefs in religion, beliefs in science, beliefs in humans. Beliefs — this is true — hide fear. Every. Single. One.

It’s the reason humans go to war. They are at war within themselves. The inner sense of absolute power, genius and presence is at war with the outer sense of powerlessness, inadequacy and impermanence.

We know what we are but we are unwilling to own it. We await proof positive and when we glimpse it in a moment of awe, a bit of splendor, an instant of the unexplainable, we quickly discount it. After all, it didn’t override the sense of self, the physical sensation of being somebody. Once the moment of awe passed, you remained. And so, you wait for the big one, the one that will wipe you out entirely and leave you undeniably changed.

This you are does not often work in such finite ways. It can, but it is well beyond the norm. Waiting for that is akin to buying a lottery ticket, throwing it into a heaving ocean, and expecting to win.

You are already the easier way.

When you quit looking over your shoulder to see if the outer manifestation has caught up yet with your inner awareness, you can see what is already real, already here, already now.

You are the totality, the expression and the expressionless, the finite proclamation and infinite potential, the visible utterance, the word made flesh and the invisible wordless wonder.

Your experience points to This you are. It always has. Wanting one without the other keeps you in want, splits you apart. There is nothing to want. There is nothing to get. You are the no-thing, the movement of emptiness, the dance of creation without something created, awareness alive, aliveness at play, the simple activity of awareness.

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