Holy Fractalgraphic!

What if we aren’t matter at all but a projection, a holy fractal graphic hologram, projected through held crystalline beliefs. Some we come in with — life karma. Some are collective. Some are deeply hidden, entombed within the psyche … and some are hiding in plain sight, out in the open, sitting on the landscape of our lives like sparkling diamonds just waiting to be plucked up … each one a prism that reflects and projects reality.

Many get a piece of this. You see it in the words and programs of the positive thinking proponents. Unfortunately, you can’t not believe what you believe, no matter how many times, or with how much gusto, you try to convince yourself otherwise. Until the thought, and resulting experience arises, that picks the lock of the belief and set it free, you’re stuck with it.

You will believe what you believe — that what you eat determines what you weigh; that this is actually air we are breathing; that the planet, and everything and everyone on it, is made of matter; that even though people haven’t yet had the necessary experiences to shift their world out of fear, they can make fearless choices — among a gazillion others. Some are obvious — some not so much.

Beliefs stick until there’s sufficient personal experience — a preponderance of lived evidence — to upend them and then, there is nothing you do can make them hang around. Whoosh! They are gone in an instant taking all their reference points with them.

So, what can you do? Settle in and enjoy the ride … this is not masochistic, self-flagellating, and definitely not defeatist. It’s actually what I wish I’d been told years ago. Why? Because we don’t resist what we don’t believe to be true.

Resistance serves to solidify the beliefs, adding lock upon lock to the doors behind which they’re silently operating. Sit and watch, and you get more comfortable with discomfort, and as you relax into it, the beliefs are simply easier to see. Plus, and this is a humongous bonus, in this divine non-engagement, this sacred slowing down, you might just become aware of Awareness Itself and truly settle in.

We are so busy trying to get somewhere, attempting to be something else, that we wind ourselves up like little wind-up toys and wonder why life continues to spiral chaotically. It has to. It can’t be anything else because we, life’s projectors, are up, down and sideways, all wound up. The show won’t settle down with the projector hopping all over the place.

Life is one eternally infinite, glorious projector, splashing worlds onto a holographic screen and viewed through the lenses of its mini-me’s … one stunning snow globe with billions of peep holes.

Look within — and without — at life and recognize it doesn’t have to be this way, that life already is constantly changing with each breath, that what we experience changes instantaneously with our beliefs, and if you can, simply be. Let This That Is breathe you, inspire you, move you. Life as we currently know it, doesn’t have to be this way.

We are both the projector and the awareness of the projection. If you want more love — love. If you want more generosity — give. If you want more compassion — care. If you can’t — be honest about it. Notice the beliefs that inform you, that take form as you. If you hurt — tell someone. If you are afraid — reach out and take someone’s hand.

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