This is Your Life

This world, and every experience in it, is the magic show. What one player sees as real, another dismisses. What one sees as the way, another sees as pure fiction. It offers a mystical magical quite ordinary cornucopia, an endless array of life options to explore. Every imaginable expedition across the outer world to unimaginable treks into the inner simply await your fascination.

This is your life and mine, the infinite aliveness made visible.  

There is something for everyone, loud chanting and silent prostrations, self-flagellation and self-promotion, drumming and money-making, religions of all kinds — from raw consumerism to asceticism, love of self, love of others, to simple basic loving.

Some experiences cause more contraction while others expand, some create pain while others heal the broken heart, some are all-inclusive while others leave even the supposed doer of the act on the outside looking in.

And they are all rabbits popping out the infinity’s hat, the caped magician cutting the beauty in half, the illusion of learning and failing, of learning and succeeding, of progress and regression, of getting it right and missing the point entirely.

And they are the natural organic precious contents of the cornucopia of life … every last one of them.

Each is a path of living, of experiencing … of love … for there is nothing here that is not love, not love the way most define it, but basic aliveness, fundamental radiance, simple thisness.

Each holds within it the promise of recognition, the realization of what this really is, of the actuality of experiencing itself. What a wonderment life is. It is wild and willing presence itself and it holds no requirement to be anything other than as it is.

Enjoy the show … It’s all magic!

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