It’s Really Quite Funny

It’s quite funny, you know. Seeing what this is instantly awakens everyone, the everyone that is the dreaming, that is the illusion of choice and mistakes and possibilities of failure. Everything that came before is clearly seen to be the dreaming … everything, not just the stuff you don’t want or like, but everything … all the escape routes, the ideas of getting somewhere, the hopes for better.

It is quite laughable really, laughable in a soft gentle couldn’t-be-otherwise oh-what-a-life-this-is way.  There is no way out of the dream. It’s all dream or simulation or illusion or life as apparent separate selves, alive in a world spinning through time and space.

Anything you can imagine is the dream. Anything. At. All.  Living and dying, heaven and hell, choosing and being choiceless, mistakes and right answers, success and abject failure, letting God down and awakening, ever higher dimensions and the density that feels like hell … all of them are the dream, the dream that requires a dreamer and something to be dreamed.

That’s the deal here. This is plane of dreaming, where This That Only Is takes shape and form and pretends not to know what it is. It’s smoke and mirrors, prisms of color reflecting through the perfectly orchestrated beliefs and thoughts of its own creations.

It’s hilarious once you see what this is … but not so much when you believe in its reality. Seeing what it is loosens the noose around your neck, while leaving the rope intact. Paradox it is to the one who doesn’t see. Even when you are awake within the dream you are still in the dream … and the dream goes where it goes, does what it does, playing out the symphony of your lifetime. 

Seeing is a letdown … the letdown of efforting, of standing vigilantly at attention, of the driving need to figure life out so you can alter life’s trajectory. It’s a letdown for the doer, the chooser, the one who thinks they’re even ever so slightly in charge. 

There’s an emptiness, a calm that follows the crescendo and even that is the dream. If it can be experienced it is the dream, it is duality. Duality is not bad, the opposite of Awareness — Consciousness — Isness. They are not two. You — this you are that is everything and everyone — are the entirety, are the illusion and the magician, the dream and the dreamer. You are never separate from your creation. The symphony doesn’t make a sound without it’s Composer. That would be impossible.

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