When You Come to the End of the Road

Synchronicity and karma appear to be different, but are they? Folks tend to think of synchronicity when something good happens and karma is generally associated with something bad. One appears to be the future pulling a present action into its orbit and the other seems to be what came before determining the present expression.

Both are glittering diamonds pointing to the truth of what’s actually here, what this truly is, but they are most often viewed through distortion, the assumption of separation, the only way mind knows anything. By default, you see through your stories about life, your desire for something better, the lenses of protection and negation.

Caught in the optical illusion, it is only natural to believe in past and future, in cause and effect, in a present moment that moves along a linear line pulled by the future and propelled by the past. Humans don’t even consider the possibility that something is off until life hands them enough tough experiences to quicken the suspicion growing within and kick-start the inner journey.   

When you finally wind down enough to stop and look, you see that life is. No blank to fill in … just simple isness. Isness is now, is awareness, is the sense of I am, is that which sees and feels and all that is seen and felt. There is no seam, no break, no line between awareness and the field of experience. You see that life is seeing feeling thinking — experiencing.  You are not and simultaneously, you are.

Yes indeed. Life was never what it appeared to be.  

Synchronicity, in quite a magical way, is attached to doer, the one led to do something synchronous, or the recipient of that good fortune. The same goes for karma, the reward and punishment system for good and bad deeds. They are seemingly accurate from the viewpoint of separation, but we are not simply the separate little one, born to live and then to die.

What if every moment is nothing but synchronicity or karma. What if they are two words pointing to the same thing, the untouchable, yet constantly changing blueprint of infinite aliveness.

It seems like you are making decisions, choosing, altering your course because you are. You are an action figure in the kaleidoscopic blueprint, informed by its eternally morphing design … and that which informs the unending alchemization through your experiences. You are an infinity loop, a data field constantly refreshing itself. In that respect you catalyze the field of your experience, but you are also catalyzed by the entire field.

Some say we choose our experience going in, that we pick our parents and particular life. I see that as a limited viewpoint, one based in separation, conceived by a separate mind — the picker. It actually doesn’t matter who is right because the result is the same. At the effect of the cosmic blueprint, or chosen in advance, either way we are part of a flow, a flow that couldn’t be otherwise, dancing or digging in our heels, because it is this moment’s expression in the perpetual field of experience.

Synchronicity is life twisting and turning, the river flowing, eddying, rushing over boulders, meandering through the lazy bends. Most often the magnificent intricacy isn’t noticed. When it is, that’s called synchronicity. It’s always happening. Life lifes. Experience creates itself synchronously.  

Karma assigns reason to the twisting and turning, but in actuality it is the twisting and turning. Karma is instantaneous, creating expressing recreating expression by expression. It is mind that wants it to mean something, that assigns cause and effect. Everything is synchronous karma, karma informed synchronicity. Life pulls itself, as us, into its next expression, propelled by everything — everything that ever was and ever will be, everything that never was, and never will be.

Infinite aliveness is the constancy of creation, the never dying road show, the cosmic fun house. You never know what It will come up with next. It’s just too big — infinity is like that — it’s infinite after all.

When you come to the end of the road, to the blockade that seals off any possibility of going further, what else would you do but relax and let go. When people finally accept their death, they relax. When they can’t come up with another alternative, letting go occurs. When life proves the inadequacy of belief, surrender happens. You don’t have to wait, that is unless you do. There really is nothing you need do, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. There is only now, only here and the very natural, doesn’t need to change, resistance to it.

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