Just Like Jason Bourne

I love movie analogies. Having enjoyed the Bourne movies — yeah, I liked them a lot — it suddenly came to me that they are great spiritual quest analogies. I don’t know why it took me so long to see it. When I caught it this afternoon, I started laughing. Maybe it’s just that I see analogies everywhere, but even if that’s the case here, these are doozies.

In the Bourne movies you have Jason being chased by US covert operations, so covert that they aren’t on anyone’s books and have ranged so far off the farm that you can’t call it farming anymore. Jason is good. He’s a super soldier with incredible instincts and abilities. He’s so good are avoiding capture that he falls in the ‘too good to be true’ category, or put in spiritual terminology, he is elusive as hell, a will ‘o the wisp, so good he might was well be an illusion.

Spiritual seekers in search of the holy grail, the golden touch of enlightenment, are equally poor at finding their prey, the prey equally good at hiding. 

At the end of the movie Jason is talking to his creator, played by Albert Finney, and is told, ‘you made yourself into what you are’, and I cracked up.  Good lord! Could it get better!

We chase ourselves to the end of every dusty road, so certain that who we really are is just around the corner, that we will catch the object of our quest for certain this time, that the slippery truth can’t stay hidden forever, and run smack dab into … ourself.

Most often we bounce off … can’t believe that we’ve found it, that we are it, and take off running again. The game still holds the power to enthrall, to draw us in, to pull the wool over our eyes, sometimes even when we are dead tired, so beat that we don’t have another step left in us.

There is something to discover but it’s not what you expect. This cannot be held or written about, not even understood. Try to put it into words and the moment you do, it’s opposite is also true, or false, or both at the same time.  It is elusive as hell because it’s not at all as you imagine.

Seeing what this is requires the total surrender of what you think it is and that is not something you can do. Even if you could let go, you’d be the one letting go and all the beliefs you have wrapped up in that act would keep the overwhelming majority of your world intact. Letting go happens as it does, when it does, all by itself. It needs no assistance, in fact, the assistance is what keeps the game in play, and yet … you can’t help but assist until you no longer do.

Your version of what life will be, what you will be, stands in the way of seeing what already is. Even those simple words point to something that isn’t so, that can’t help but be misinterpreted while you hold any belief at all.

There is no ultimate enlightenment, nothing to overcome, no one to do it and I’d steer clear of those who say there is, especially if they are selling bottles of tonic to help you on your way. Likely, they are playing their role in the enlightenment dream. It’s a good dream, as good as any, but still a dream.

Everything here is … this is a very real, infinitely diverse, incredibly crazy, superbly faceted appearance of a world with every possible experience available, a temporary fun park. Call it what you will, a dream, a simulation, life. They are all words and mean only what you decide they do.

Your part of the dream is perfect, be it wound around the dream or unraveling at the seams. It’s not perfect in the way a mind understanding perfection. It’s perfect in that it couldn’t be any other way.

Enjoy the ride my friends. It’s really all any of us can do. We can kick and scream and drag our heels but just like Jason, the chase is on, regardless.

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