The Reflection of Wholeness

Humans seem to want messages of love and light and quickly scroll past anything that speaks to the state in which we currently find ourselves. Reality is the totality. It is not just the yummy stuff, new modalities of healing, ways to soothe the savage beast, sitting on the meditation cushion while the world burns.

Were we to look carefully at what is, we would find less need for the yummy stuff. We would find love and compassion in every corner we stumble into, for love is everywhere, is everything. It is in the eyes of you and me and the homeless person on the street. It is in the heart of hopelessness too, if you are willing to look.

If we cannot be with what we see as the ugly side of life we will always be at its effect, always in need of a fix, looking for a way out, a way beyond, a way past. There is only one way to wholeness and it is to include the whole. Not running, looking away, or even staying our focus on what we want, we allow ourselves to open to what is and in doing so allow what is to instruct us, to show us what it is.

L.A. is blasting classical music. China is placing concrete spikes under bridges. Churches are locking their doors. People complain about having to walk around sleeping bags on the streets or shake their heads at all the garbage as they drive down the freeway towards home – a roof, running water, closets, bathrooms and a kitchen.

Don’t look away. See what is here? Feel your heart ache. It too, is part of your beauty.

We’re living in a 3rd-world world, still hanging onto the belief that we live in a developed and highly civilized place. It’s not just 3rd world countries anymore, a few scattered here and there.

Resisting seeing the truth of our world is hard work. Denial doesn’t help you. It doesn’t save you. It harms you too. It hardens your heart and puts up walls. Hiding the problem is impossible now, and that’s not a bad thing. Evidently it had to get this bad before we finally see that we are creating a world that is toxic to all of us. 

There’s more money in the world but the overwhelming majority of it is in the hands of those who will do anything – literally anything – to keep it. Part of that anything is to blame the homeless, the gays, the republicans, the democrats, the neighbors, anyone who stands in the way.

What does blame feel like? Who does it work for? Does it feel like it really works for anybody? Doesn’t it just create more anger, more hate, more fear?

Soulless policies, heartless policing, mindless education, and disconnected citizens are coming together in a perfect storm, creating conditions that eventually cannot but foment revolution. I’m not against an uprising in support of those without anything, but I do not look forward to blood on the streets en masse.

It can be avoided but not with the current mindset, the crimes against humanity, the escalation of separation that has brought us to this moment in time.

We are being asked to look, to not look away.

Life is giving us so many chances to alter course, so many ways to see: the Ukraine war, displaced people fleeing death, destruction and loss not just in Ukraine but places too many to list; our ailing planet – its tornadoes and hurricanes, its unending rain and snow, its scorching heat that is quickly making part of it unlivable; the homeless explosion, the growing wealth gap, the polarities that surround us and seem to have a life of their own ; the exacerbation of fear, using it to win elections, to take away human rights, to control. 

These are not separate phenomena. They are our consciousness staring back at us. They are our outer mirror of the inner state and will shift exponentially the moment we awaken to the fact of our absolute not-twoness.

Don’t look away and you will see the precious actuality of our inherent wholeness back at you.

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