The Comic Bubblegum Machine

What would your life be like if you knew that you couldn’t do anything other than what you are doing? That may include dithering back and forth, trying to make the best decision or being impulsive and taking no heed of consequences. It could encompass getting frustrated and filled with doubt or seemingly breezing effortlessly through life. There may be appearances of success or of failing time and again and it may include walking the path of enlightenment or serving a life sentence for murder … or anything else imaginable. No possibility is ever off the table.

How would knowing that change your experience of life? Most minds instantly go to, ‘yuck, that would be horrible’.

All the variables for this moment’s shaking quaking partaking are already in the cosmic bubblegum machine, and the red gumball is in the gum shute waiting for the flap to open. You can’t get a green one or a blue when your blueprint calls for red.

Something within you knows it is true. Of course, there is. You are the infinite intelligence in which the game arises, but you, the human avatar, has been programmed to resist, to deny and decry. You fight against the possibility no matter how much evidence you are shown that supports its validity.

When you make your decision there are a gazillion factors that determine whether you’ll zig or zag: your culture, the hand-me-down beliefs from parents and friends, the effectiveness of your education, whether you can think critically or assume what you’re told is true, the experiences you’ve had to date, and your specific reactions to all of the above.

All of your life is right there in the round glass bubble, along with whatever is popping now. You don’t make decisions in a vacuum. You are your multi-faceted blueprint, like it or not, and since we are not two, we all carry the blueprint of the quantum entanglement that is the entirety as well. You appear as you because the data field that feeds and nurtures the expression that is you, is localized. It is at the heart of the you feature of the grand design.

Rather than being something worthy of staunch resistance, there is peace and freedom in that knowing.

This is the holy grail we search for and do our damnedest to avoid. The peace that passeth understanding lies not in awakening, in becoming enlightened, but in the ultimate letting go, for no one is ever enlightened. No one ever awakens. There is no brass ring for an individual.

Falling into absolute surrender, the curtain drops away to reveal there was never anyone home, no wizard in charge, nothing but this incredible field of experiencing, this precious playground of pretend. 

Seeing through the haze, the maze, the ways we trick ourselves into believing that we are separate real life and death entities, walking talking blood and guts failures and successes, that we are in charge, in control, that we are the verbs, the action figures of life, leaves no one to cheer, no one to fail or succeed, no one to make a decision or screw it up … and it is wondrous. 

The mind thinks that the lack of free will is the biggest disaster possible, that sinking into that hell hole is a last-ditch slide into insanity. There is literally nothing more maligned, more railed against, more scorned and immediately discarded than the truth of a life without free will. Free will requires the doer, the separate self, the blood and guts action figure … and there simply isn’t one, other than as a magnificent appearance in the simulation of life.

You might want to let that old belief die. It’s already dead. It was never alive so just quit reviving it. 

Blue ball … red ball … green or yellow? When the flap opens, it is what it is.

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