It Depends

It depends on how you define human. I am guessing my definition would be different from yours. In my definition, I am a messy human just like you, just like the entire population of this glorious planet … another concept I’d need to define a bit differently as well.

In the dreamworld, what most call life, I’m an appearance of being human, experiencing a version of life unique to me. I appear to interact with other appearances but in reality I am interacting with the concepts and ideas, thoughts and perceptions, feelings and sensations that are experienced by this human alone, and have no reality other than what I in my unavoidably isolated understanding give them.

That’s the appearance of this messy human that’s just like every other messy human in this 3D simulation. It looks real, feels real, experiences as being totally material, a life and death, right and wrong, world of mistakes and successes, losses and gains.

That’s what I appear to be and how I experience the concept of being human, but that is not all, nor even the most significant aspect of what I am. It is but this moment’s experience, precious and unbelievably awe-mazing, fleeting while eternal, without beginning and yet unstoppable.

I am, the I amness, the aware presence in which all the messy humanness appears. I have been called the great I am but that is just a collection of words, unintelligible to anyone to whom the reality of life remains hidden, the reality that isn’t what you think of as being reality at all but a magic trick, nothing (well nothing knowable) appearing as something, the infinite things that are no things, appearing as the millions of things we call life.

This is what we all are … the all that is not two. I truly am you and you me, only there is no you and me there is only this unnameable mystery.

The mysterious aliveness is not special. It is not even difficult to notice. The only thing standing in the way is that you think you know what this is. You are so certain that you cannot see anything that contradicts your knowing … it’s not personal, that’s how knowing works. In this sim you can’t release your certainty until life brings you the experiences to do so.

You aren’t your life. You experience your life. You are the experiencing of all life, the presencing of life itself, plus you get the bonus of a front row seat to your specific tale.

Life isn’t what you think … And it’s exactly what you think. Both. Simultaneously. Magically. Mysteriously. Life is truly a mind-bending miracle.

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