What If There Are No Mistakes?

Here I go again … loving me some what ifs!

What if there’s nothing wrong? What if you’ve never made a mistake? What if everything is as it is and couldn’t be any other way … or it would be?

Can you relax into that? Can you let the hard times be hard, let the pain be pain, and simply enjoy the times that are easier?

With that, can you let all those you believe harmed you off the hook, because if you haven’t made a mistake, neither did they?

That doesn’t mean they didn’t hurt you, that you haven’t hurt other. The hurt was absolutely real, as real as it gets in an incarnation. This world is a realm of wounding and being wounded, of loving and getting angry, of letting reactions rule and seeing through the wounds that cause the reactions. It is the be all, end all of experience, like a fun park and a house of horrors all rolled into one.

Maybe you were never guilty and there’s no one to blame … for anything. Perhaps last life you were rolling in clover and this life it feels more like rolling in manure. Who knows what the next will bring, let alone the next moment in this life!

We can’t know. That should be a big hint, a swift elbow in the ribs. If we can’t know, why bother trying to know. Just don’t know. It’s knowing that gets you in trouble, knowing how it should be, knowing what someone else should have done, knowing who is to blame.

You can’t know … there is nothing to know … nothing that can be known. It’s all supposition, every last thought, every last belief, every last bit of knowing. You don’t know. Admit it. Knowing, being able to raise your hand first, just shows you are good at regurgitating what others who came before you believed.

Not knowing isn’t bad like we were all taught. It is pure unadulterated freedom! And it’s yours whether you recognize it in or not.

2 thoughts

  1. Love this: “It’s knowing that gets you in trouble.” A hearty Amen to that, Amaya! Wishing you a beautiful weekend : )

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