Life, Death and Healing

I have been examining life and death, and what it means to heal today. A couple of days ago I went to the doctor and his lack of certainty was enough to make me wonder. As I sat in meditation last night I was shown that this health event is an exit point. I was washed in the most amazing love and light, and told that I could come home—no harm, no foul—if I was ready. That is what our exit points are, times in our lives when we can exit without penalty. What amazed me was the immense love, the intensity of pure joy. I knew there was more to do, and yet, if I wanted, I could go home.

I sat with that and experienced my body’s energy flow, watching the truth that I can leave. I can go home. It felt wonderful beyond anything I have experienced before. Having met my death several times, this was a bit surprising. As I continued to watch, I noticed a shift, a simple recognition. It isn’t time to go home yet. There is more to do, more ways I can be of use. It is an important time for planet Earth and I sincerely want to be here to complete the task I was created for. This insight too, filled me with joy. It wasn’t that long ago that I would have chosen to leave with such a welcoming.

Only a moment passed and I heard, “It is time. Are you ready to let Kenny go?”

Two truths merged. I saw that I have held onto my dear Ken with numberless stories and reminders. I held onto the wise Ken, my partner in this physical incarnation. I sought his guidance as I navigated my grief. I held fast to the big beautiful man, comparing all others to his incomparable perfection. Holding onto him held me fixed in duality, held me in the past, unable to completely live into my purpose here. I want to stay. I am not surprised that staying requires another level of surrender. I would be surprised if it did not.

The words fell from my lips, offered in gratitude to these divine beings now orchestrating this meditation.

“Yes, I am ready.”
“Yes, I want to be here.”
“Yes, I am willing to be wholly reborn into this moment without my dear Kenny.”

The gentle voices that guided me spoke again, “Feel that. Go deeper. Let it in completely. Let it wash through you and cleanse any remnants of resistance … Yes. That’s right. ”

Energy flows through this system called Amaya. The waves light up every cell, flowing in effortless ease. Healing is taking place. Healing is not always a healing for the body, although this time a physical healing appears to be taking place as well. Healing is a return to true nature. The ultimate healing is death. It seems that there is always more to see, more to release, more expansion to come.

Photo by Robert Glenn … thank you so much for your amazing eye for beautiful pictures.

6 thoughts

  1. Amaya, this is soooo beautiful. Your ability to express such deep connection is wonderful. I feel very moved reading this. It is so appropriate for all of us. John and I come thru Portland from time to time. Would you be open to a get together sometime? I would love to just bask in each others love! Big hugs Suzanne

  2. You have been in my thoughts so much recently, just yesterday even. And then to find this beautiful experience here. How perfect! Thank you for sharing. This is how it works; feel, feel and feel again. It is exhausting to me at times to be so consumed by these feelings. Yet I know that my dear Amaya would always tell me, “Go deeper still!” I love you!

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