Heaven on Earth

As you begin to glimpse the reality that nothing but God exists the tendency arises to assume that if only God is, then I am God. It seems a logical conclusion but nothing about Reality is logical.

The key is this: Only God Is. Only God; no you.

one_eyeland_heaven_on_earth_by_eko%20sumartopo__107408The appearance of individuality is quite valid. You ‘seem’ to be you. That seeming creates a gravity, a belief in the cradle and the grave. That belief drives identity.

Glimpses remain glimpses rather than a lived-in experience as long as the belief in an identity remains. If you believe you exist in any way, there is separation from Truth. There is you and everything else, hence the glimpse. You do not get to see God. Seeing God is the death of you.

Therefore I say to you, Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; nor yet for your body, what you shall put on. Matthew 6:25

There is sacred reason for this scripture. When you take thought for yourself, even the tiniest of wishes, you are operating from separation. A ‘you’ automatically creates the idea of an ‘other’. You cannot help but be in the mind dreaming a new reality, interfering with your true design, a design that exists in its perfection, a gleaming template of pure sacred deity—your sonship with the creator.

Interference is often subtle, hidden, so watch closely. Walk up a hill and if you feel the burn in your thighs or your lungs struggling for breath, notice, am I feeling the burn, feeling my lungs ache, or am I attempting to create a different reality by walking differently, slowing down, breathing deeper? Where am I? Is God here or is there an ‘I’ playing in separation? Just notice. Noticing will bring awareness to the present moment. Being present unleashes the natural responsiveness of the system.

There is nothing wrong with the desires. They are part of the awakening too. They manifest a reality in line with the underlying belief that is capable though of clearing out the desire that spawned it. The desire was not wrong. That would be impossible. God does not make mistakes.

Desire leads you to desirelessness, to the sacred All Inclusiveness. It shows you your beliefs, the ways you limit life and God’s ability to manifest your design in its perfection. Your inability to influence the nuts and bolts of life helps you open and include that which you could not control. Would you choose to embrace heart wrenching suffering and grief or the vast networks of pain in the body, mind and soul if you had not tried to fix them and failed? Eventually, when you see the futility, what remains is inclusion. It is not a choice at that point; it is a natural inevitability.

If you watch closely you will see how selfish (self-focused) everything you do is. Stay present to what you observe. Simply feel what arises. That is what being here now means.  Remain Here without going anywhere at all, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you feel, and something magical begins to happen.

Physical form draws all humans back into the sensation of separateness repeatedly. But, as you remain in the here and now, feeling all this moment has to offer, the sensation begins to shift until the sense of Oneness swamps the sense of separateness and washes it clean.

Sensation and perception are then able to come on line in mystical, magical ways previously impossible because of the identification with the individuated form. As body transforms into the Body of God, all senses naturally open to the larger truth. Perception shifts to include all expressions of God, from the depths of hell to the heights of nirvana and bliss and still, goes beyond to that which no words can imagine. Heaven on earth reveals itself. It was always Here, the only true reality.



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