The Sweet Spot

At the center of the cross lies the Sweet Spot, the intersection of our messy humanness and our Divine Nature. It is alive, teeming with sacred potential in a constant state of fulfillment-ing. It is the portal of eternal genesis, the fountain birthing and re-birthing each form, from quark to Universe, into timeless crystalline existence. It is the dance, the pristine play of movement, the symphony of celestial change. It is the sweet, harmony of beautiful perfection. At the center is thewoman in circle of light Whole of This we are, this that in our mistaken identity we strive to get home to, not realizing there is no where to get to, no one to get to it.

The horizontal axis of the cross is humanity. The vertical is Divinity. We tend to play on the horizontal axis, sliding left and right of center, reliving the past, rewriting and re-patterning the next breath as it takes form into a replica of what has come before. We do all we can, angling for a different future, attempting to learn enough, work hard enough, be good enough to change what we see headed straight towards us. We slide back and forth on the axis rather than remaining nailed to the center, nailed to the cross like Jesus. Settling for Now is simply too painful.

Your movement away from center is a little like a rat in an exit-less maze. Were it not so heartbreaking, it would be fascinating to watch. That which is your supply, which is your health, your harmony and homecoming is right Here at the Center, here within. It is Here. It is Now but in the rushing about from dead-end to dead-end we fail to notice the teeming God-head, the solution for all ills, right within us, Here at the Center.

If you can, please stop. Quit trying to change, to fix, to make your life better, to heal your ills, your woes. Just stop. Simply retire from the rat race. Retire your belief that God needs your assistance to do His work, that somehow you can make God more powerful, can refocus God in your favor. Stop. This is the definition of futility. Can you see that yet? If you can, stop. If not, that’s okay, you will. There is no way in which you lose, even if to all appearances, you do. That is impossible, for you are This.

Right now I will simply tuck an open invitation into your pocket. Inside it, I printed the words, “Come to the Center, the Center that you are and have always been. Breathe deeply and relax wholeheartedly into This.”

To Be, to walk nakedly into this moment, to feel the intensity and immensity of your experience, to authentically be you in all your messy humanness, brings you to the Center, to the Spring of Immortality. To live this exactly as it is, is all that is asked. It is the reason you have taken human form, this and nothing more—to live as the Sweet Spot through which God pours Light.

4 thoughts

  1. Beautiful – I got it, even for a instant a moment it touched that sweet spot, that bitter sweet spot. It will come around again. Yes because I get there is no where to go.

  2. To Be in the sweetest spot of all creation Centered while flowing Still while dancing Silent while speaking This sweet invitation is vibrating in your breast pocket Humming within your Inmost Heart Right in the midst of where you are as you are right now. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to get or accomplish, No way to be, no one to be any way but as you are right here & now.

    How simple, what a relief! Just even for an instant stop everything And see what is, what remains when all is done and gone. What an invitation! Perhaps since it has come to you You’d better accept it and see what it’s all about.

    It’s all about One. Stop for a sec and see for yourself … It’s very important that you do. I give you my Word There’s Something to be discovered but don’t take my Word Find out for yourself. Where nothing is Everything Is all One. This includes everyone no matter what, includes you Right here and now as you are. This is your stop sign And eternal red light Call a halt Take a pause for the Cause.

    Can it be true? All that This Is is Here for you? Actually Is you?

    Be Still And know that I Am. How simple can This be? So simple, natural & evident as to remain unseen, hidden Unheard, silent and invisible except for those with eyes to see And ears to hear, the soul faculties of inner attunement.

    Stopping right where you are becomes your most favorite occupation Because it gives you everything! You learn to live out from within Celebration Central, right Here, Now, it’s a come as you are party!

    Thank you Amaya for accepting the invitation & passing it wonderfully on!

    With deepest and most deLightful Love, ✨💖 ~Anrael 😍


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