Infinite, Intelligent, Invincible Love

Conventional understanding of truth shapes most people’s reality. It certainly shaped mine for most of my life. My truths were based on cause and effect, on two powers, on myself and something acting against or for me. Most were unseen, rambling around the collective mind, awaiting the perfect timing to appear in this awareness. Once they began to emerge, they were little more than a felt sense, a twinge in the body.

Over time, as experiences prepared and ripened receptivity, these things that I did not know that I did not know lined up, as if in a water sluice—a pipeline surging with baseless concepts, big and small, queued and ready to be examined. The sluice is a constant flow. It never empties. It is always primed and full of burgeoning potential. It is gently force feeding a higher understanding, clearing out old concepts, giving us whatever the system will withstand.

My concepts, all the ways I still believe in cause and effect, bubble to the surface. They float into awareness, are seen, and pop like soap bubbles on a hot summer day. I am, or at the least, have a body. Is that true? Dropping the concept called body is a fool’s errand. It certainly looks like I have one. The body appears to be attached to awareness. Wherever the awareness goes, goes the body.

Is I am a body any more real than I am God? If there is God, which my experiences attest, then there is only God. God is everywhere, all knowing, all powerful. Where is there room for a ‘me’, especially a me with power, in that? It seems the greatest blasphemy is not denying God but claiming a separate self. It says, “God is not me.” How could that possibly be true?

All my other concepts hinge on this one basic belief—God isn’t God, I am separate from God. All my other concepts fall into place, like apples off the tree in the Garden of Eden, with that first step into two—the denial of One. This That Is does not include me. God is not me. Source is separate from me, because I am this body, this individual.

Regardless of what you think of Christianity, Jesus was a great teacher. He told us that the Father does everything. “By myself, I can do nothing.” He said, “… do not worry about your life, as to what you will eat; nor for your body, as to what you will put on.” We are cared for like the lilies in the field. He told us that God’s grace is Life, but we continue to hang onto the Karmic Law of cause and effect, laws based on the power of two, instead of stepping into the Grace that is freely shown and offered, but available only within the power of One. Stepping into Grace requires us to drop everything we know, everything we can see, and trust in the Infinite Invisible rather than the appearance right before our eyes. It insults our ego. It asks for its abdication from power. As long as we hold any iota of power, we still come under the law of two powers. We remain at the effect of all the effects: death, illness, poverty, disharmony, strife and struggle, pollution and changing climate.

Another way to live exists. It requires absolute surrender. It leaves us with nothing and in the doing, gives us everything.

rainbow waterfallGod is and does everything. The God who does not know what you need before you need it, the God who could withhold his love, his grace, the God who isn’t powerful enough to provide for all your needs … how could that God exist other than in the minds of man, buried within all those unexamined concepts that cascade out of the two powers.

In the middle of all infinite, intelligent, invincible love where is there the seed of illness? Where is there a limitation on the resources each of us requires? What would the All That Is war against? How could death be possible? Wouldn’t It die into Itself?

Life manifests based on the truths that live within us. We are the eternal genesis of creation, each of us and all of us together. We are the emptiness, the shimmering, luminous formation, the crystallized form—the trinity of all Life. We are this trinity, regardless of how awake we are, how self aware we become. We are always this fountain of flow, a crux of creative force manifesting moment by moment. This we are creates and destroys, recycling Its brilliance eternally. Right now we are creating a world that appears to be spiraling out of God’s reach. That too is impossible. There is no place other than the heart of God. At any moment we can awaken into the Truth, we can see through the lie—the illusion of two—and return to the garden and the reality of One.

The possibility exists to know this to be true, not simply a belief, but a full-being knowing, to live it so completely that it is you, that it is the ground on which existence lives and moves and has its being. Thinking is not required. The thinker who used to plan and connive, who had preferences and judgments drops into the truth of One. What is, purely is. The Love, this Eternal Genesis, no longer muddied by beliefs in God and not God, health and illness, abundance and scarcity, power and powerlessness, harmony and dissonance, life and death, simply, easily, manifests This always offered, always available grace as our lives.

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