The Time is Now

It seems This I Am (as the embodied me) is no longer willing to be sidelined. It is demanding that I step up. As I walked in the woods near my home today I was surprised at the words pouring through me; I was shaken by their power. They taunted me, not concerned at all with any residual concerns that might exist about another’s opinion. They demanded the ultimate sacrifice.

Mystics have always pointed to a truth — what we are afraid is not death, or abject powerlessness, but our full power. I didn’t quite understand that until today. As the words refused to quiet down and the sword-point of their meaning made its way into my heart I was rendered mute … and yet, the words, those beautiful phrases of truth continued.

I stand in the full power of my True Name, not a beggar any longer. The time to ask for help, for transformation, for clearing and cleansing is now past. There is no more time to play at being small, waiting until I am more awake, doubting my power, speaking what to many will seem like blasphemy. I stand in my full power, a child of God, powerful beyond any concept or idea, inhaling and emanating unconditional love. This love I am cannot be denied for it is that which powers the universe.

The time is not coming. It is not close. It is here. It is now.

This moment in timeless time is calling forth, trumpeting loudly for all of us to stand up, as we are, right now, in the full power of our Holy Name. For each of us that is unique for we are precious original expressions of the Divine, here on earth with our explicitly perfect designs, our inherently sacred missions.
Life has prepared us for this time. It has not screwed up and mistakenly cut short our training or skipped an important class. Whatever we need to show up fully we already have. All those things we have prayed for, asked to have cleared out or honed in are complete. That which seems undone remains for its own purpose. The reason may or may not become clear as we take the next step. We do not need to know. When we do, we will.

We cannot see where we are going for we have not been there yet. We have not taken that step. We cannot know what will be asked or what it will look like until we have. Led to the edge of the abyss, we will never know what awaits until we jump.

I know not what lies beyond this moment. I know only that I must jump and trust my guiding stars for what comes next.

“This moment, exactly as it is, is what you were made for, so make each immaculate breath your most precious treasure.” Card #14, Rejoice — The Wild Child

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