Fear — Which one is yours?

Are you afraid? Do you worry that the US is sliding towards fascism? Are you anxious that liberals will take over with their progressive agenda? Do you think you will be forced to be vaccinated? Are you panicked that black or brown bodies will take your job and your future? Are you uneasy thinking the pandemic will kill you or someone you love? Are you suspicious that the government is trying to control you or that it is off the rails and simply doesn’t care about you at all? Maybe you worry about losing your religious freedom. Perhaps it is the police that trigger dread.

Each one is fear. Which one(s) is yours?

Governments that deal in fear, that use it as a common currency do so because it gives them what they want – control. If you are afraid, you are already controlled. Politicians don’t have to do anything at all. They just sit back and let fear do the job for them. You can’t be clear minded while at the effect of fear. You will be against what you are afraid of and with that fear-focus you will see more of what you fear, giving politicians all the justification and votes they need to stay the course, changing nothing but their bank balances.

I watched an old movie this afternoon – V is for Vendetta. It seemed appropriate with today’s protests across the globe. I’ve seen it before, but I learn something new every time I watch any movie. I highly recommend it if you haven’t had the pleasure.

When EV was being held prisoner, a ruse by V to set her free — body, mind and spirit — I was reminded of the 8 months I recently spent living breath by breath, uncertain whether I would live to see the next day. It felt a lot like the persecution EV experienced — tortured and thrown back into the dark cell, sprawled across the cement floor, nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, the last embers of hope fading to black. The idea of a human will being twisted, cracked, stretched between extremes, until at last, it shatters into a million tiny pieces sounds ghastly to a mind. Contrary to what you might think, the experience doesn’t leave you broken and extinguished; it sets you free.

As long as you owe allegiance to fear, to any fear, you are not free. You will automatically act from that fear rather than from what this emerging reality needs from you — action based in pure integrity. Buddha taught his followers to do no harm. While fear informs your actions they hold within them the seed of harm because they cannot consider the whole picture, the entirety of humanity. They are limited to a result that overthrows the fear in order to make you feel safe. Fear will always create winners and losers. That’s the game we’ve been playing for generations.

So what do you do? Short of an eight month stint of torture, best as you can, you notice. You open your mind so that you can see your own biases. You admit that the biases are fear and you see how important it is to listen carefully to how your fears control you, how they manifest in your actions and words. Just noticing adds sacred momentum to the unraveling. By being present you invite a higher intelligence into your inner reality, which brings your shadow life out into the light. You might also risk speaking your fears out loud. That takes away their ability to hide and fester. If you decide to take the risk, seek out those precious ones you trust to listen.

Even if you’ve been doing shadow work forever it seems there is always more to find. If you think you are free and clear that might just be a scrappy scrap of self-importance, so stay curious. These last few months staying at home have likely brought many fears into awareness. That is one of the blessings of the virus. Like all fears, they are dressed up, going incognito. It may take a little strip search to bring them into clear view. You’ve got this. Fear is simply a part of yourself that you have rejected. It is a wee child crying to come home, to be included, to return to its origin. Once you open your heart to it all, you are free.

“It is truly extraordinary to be a leaf blown about by sacred sound, free-floating, free-falling, awash in the singular grace and consciously aware of the intimately intricate design.” Card #18, Consciously Aware – The Wild Child

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