Tipping Point

The world these days is birthing and bringing into form a rare, accelerating tipping point. It is asking us to stand with one another, to arise in unity and claim each other as our brother, as our sister regardless of skin color, gender or sexual identity. It is a tipping point because it asks us to do this act of union from union.

It is easy to rail against those within society whom we see as the problem. It is common to point our fingers and say, ‘This nightmare is your fault.’ While that might be a partial truth, it is not the truth. We are all culpable, even if we’ve never held another back, because we have climbed to where we are on the backs of a system built on the backs of those we now stand to support.

This tipping point aims at a higher variable, a less common reaction, an act of heroism and sacred duty — it asks for a balancing of uncommon proportions, one that cannot be managed from a place of blame and anger.

This perfect storm of good and evil is asking us to step up into fully human lives — hu (God) man. These times were chiseled from the mistakes of the past, those times we stood down, looked past, shied away from the blame and directed it at an other. They are sculpted from the rage within our broken hearts.
The culmination of lifetimes is asking us to come to terms with our pasts, not just the deeds of others, but our own as well. No one has escaped the failure, the loss, the reality of words not spoken, of actions that harmed another. We are all in this together. We cannot move forward until we arise and accept our responsibility. Doing so creates solid footing from which to build a new heart-centered future.

The tipping point is preciously crucial to comprehend, to appreciate in its fullness. We can step up or step down — retreat or advance, score the game-deciding goal or sit in the snowballing penalty box. If we let this one slip away, we lose another piece of our soul as individual players and as a team … or, just maybe we can stop the backward ticking clock and reclaim what we have stolen.

Now wouldn’t that be something to celebrate!

Your life is the elegant, painstakingly precise outpicturing of where your faith currently resides. Card # 50, Committed – The Wild Child

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