The Split

Okay. It’s official. The earth has split in two and never the twain shall meet. We are witnessing a dimensional shift, only to the eye it looks like nothing’s changed here on this plane of existence. People with totally different realities talk and walk side by side. Their experience of life couldn’t be different.

This would make the bones of a great sci-fi book — although I am not sure I could make it up as quickly as it is manifesting on planet Earth right now.

Every day someone says something that would have had them institutionalized not that long ago and people willingly jump on their crazywagon and go for the ride. It sounds good. It soothes their fears. It puts the blame somewhere, in a place they can unload their anxiety anytime they feel its crushing presence. It keeps them from taking any responsibility and that’s enticing. Of course it is.

It really doesn’t matter what the current crazywagon is selling as long as it alleviates the pain and makes life feel a bit safer it works. All the theories utilize a similar marketing strategy.

Normal folks, folks that you wouldn’t pick out of a lineup for a staring role in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ are operating from a place of complete knowing, from beliefs that are divisive, exclusive and downright unkind and they are not willing to consider that from where they currently stand they cannot see it for what it is.

Yes indeed. We have two worlds now — at least in the 3D. In truth there is only One, will ever only be One but the experience here has split. I saw it coming in a vision years ago and didn’t quite understand what was going to happen. The split isn’t coming. It is happening now, right here in plain sight on planet Earth — two worlds: one kind and loving, the other lost in fear, willing to sacrifice their honor, their integrity, the lives of less worthy others. One is anchored in Love; the other unwittingly stands in opposition to Love.

If you ever wonder if what you are reading, hearing or supporting is right, the answer is simple. Is it kind? Does it include? Is it non-judgmental, unconditional? If it is not, it is not the path of Love. If you find yourself in the world of the unkind you can always come home, because your world exists in your mind alone. Remember Dorothy clicking her red heels … and return to Love. There truly is no place like Home.

“What a stupendous design, to hide the entirety of God within each form – human, animal, plant and mineral. Source is life – all life – is teeming aliveness, its palpable power, potent presence and infinite intelligence, and you are that. Now isn’t that just wild!” Card #17, Source — The Wild Child

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