What Does Love Do?

“By design, life is an effortless unfolding of experience, tailored precisely for you, a playground to fully embody your holy human self.”

Does love simply love and stand by as anti-love takes center stage or does It love all, including those caught in the illusions of lack and loss, anger and hate, and stand forth as love for all, speak as love, act as love? Does love upend the money changer’s table or is that too radical these days?

Perhaps it is the way we go about it that makes love feel like an attack to so many. Is saying, “That is not loving,” loving? Those who stand, hold out their hand and stay, “Stop!” tend to be judged, jumped upon like the runt in a puppy pile.

It seems the answer, or at least an answer lies in the degree to which we are attached to love. Now that’s an interesting conundrum: to be love, to let love flow through us into the world while not attached to its outcomes.

Funny thing though — we can never know if one who stands for love is attached or not. If we see attachment it is our own idea of attachment we see, for we are not privy to the inner workings of another — for there truly is no other, merely our ideas and concepts taking form.

On that thread — is it possible for there to be such a thing as anti-love? If there is no other, is there anything but the unfolding Now, unfolding as it is? Is that something to stand against? Do those caught in the throes of illusion get a pass?

On the overarching level of truth there is nothing on which to stand let alone to stand against. Yet few truly grok this at a cellular level, cosmically in its entirety to the point that it takes over, subsumes the identity leaving nothing in its wake.

We take this beautiful understanding and quite naturally attempt to work it into the 3D, to apply it rather than letting it apply us. That requires a stopping that happens in its own time. Until then we are like the Energizer Bunny winding slowly down.

What is required of us is to be fully human, not fully God. We are always, already That. We are here to embody That in human form, to be love here in the 3rd dimension density — in all aspects of living and loving. We are learning to be divinely human and what that truly means in its Totality … and that’s where we get confused.

So what to do? As best you can, be kind. Empty and act from love. Notice when you can’t, when you don’t. See life as never-ending, luscious love lessons. Be gentle with yourself. Smile. Let your open, loving heart be your guide and don’t forget to dance, to sing, to play and have fun. You are a child of God on the Playground of Life.

“It feels off when your heart is impenetrable, when you are unusable by Source. That is by design, for it is Source’s means of getting your attention. The imperative of our universe is to expand its flow of all-good until the soft, honeyed elixir blankets the earth and all Source’s children are held snug in the actuality of love.” Card #4, By Design, The Wild Child

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