The Ultimate It Factor

What you call life is Consciousness. Everything, every experience arises from, arises in and dissolves back into Consciousness. It is the Ultimate It Factor of Life.

If you sit and meditate and have cosmic experiences they arise in and return to Consciousness. As a seeker, if you practice any of the seemingly infinite possibilities: sadhanas, contemplations, drumming, earthing, silence, channeling, cosmology, positive thinking and more, they too arise from and in and dissolve back into Consciousness.

Every practice simply adds more, albeit different experiences to your life. They emboldened the self who is doing the practice and do nothing to dissuade you of the illusory nature of the separate self itself. They do not help you in your quest to realize Consciousness, to awaken but create an even more dug in spiritual identity, no better, perhaps worse than the one you had before.

There is only one thing to you can do, and this you will only come to when you are prepared by your experiences to let go into this moment, which is not a moment in time, into the now-here which is not a place in space.

Spend time, which in reality doesn’t exist, focused on the awareness you are, the knowing at the heart of all experience, on the Consciousness you are. Take a step back into the simple reality that you are aware and as that awareness are awareness aware of itself.

Everything else is nothing but a grand diversion. Fun. Frustrating. Enjoyable. Disgusting. Diversions.

One of my first teachers, Aja Dass, used to say that if you had two doors, one that opened in enlightenment and the other to a party about awakening complete with all the new age paraphernalia, the line to enlightenment would only have one or two people in it, if that, while the party line would be jam packed.

Most still stand in the party line. The door that opens into Consciousness, into the glimmering, shimmering black light of the void, into pure awareness, into the actual recognition that I Am Everything; I am nothing is intimidating. It is the death of the seeker and many unknowingly still want to play the game.

Where do you stand? Does the game still have you?

There is a reason spirituality has gotten a bad rap and for some of the reasons its detractors believe. Many seekers become more critical of others not on ‘the path’. Many are less loving, of themselves as well, holding themselves and others responsible for all that isn’t acceptable to them. It is quite natural to want something other than how life appears to be. To give up the search feels like self sabotage.

There’s nothing wrong or right about it. We seek until we don’t, until the absolute futility in it is recognized, like the snake that is seen to be a rope once the light is switched on.

Are you tired of the seeking yet? Do you want to realize Truth or are you still enamored of the game of lies? When you want truth no matter the cost the Real Show begins.

“What you trust manifests, that is until your brilliantly messy life experiences show you the futility of continuing down that same dismal road. Illuminated, you turn and embrace the truth: there is nothing here but Source, and its divine energy is activated and fueled by love alone.” Card #50 Committed, The Wild Chil

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