Playground of Experiencing

I write because I write. The urge arises and writing commences. There is no need or desire to convince, not even belief that there is something to say of importance. Rarely is there a sense of where the writing is headed, what message it will portray. The words are not accompanied by hope to change an other nor any belief in its possibility. Writing simply appears. Expression is. There is nothing that is written, or said and done, that creates anything at all. It is all a part of the simulation, the holographic game appearing as human reality, a playground of experiencing.

What is there here but the knowing of experience? Matter is a myth long due for extinction. Do you ever know anything outside of knowing itself, outside of experiencing, awareness, consciousness?

In order for there to be personal consciousness the personal would have to exist and yet, when investigated it is seen to be myth as well, a collection of thoughts, sensations and perceptions, known only by knowing itself.

You do not know ‘things’ although it does appear that way. That is the game in action. What fun would the game be without a bit of challenge? Wouldn’t be a game now would it?

Knowing knows.

Is it your knowing? Again. Part of the game. Knowing has no boundaries, no edges where knowing stops and another thing begins. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Turn your focus on what appears as your own knowing, the consciousness within.

Awareness — experiencing — consciousness — knowing — is eternal (unbound by time), dimensionless, infinite (boundaryless). It is empty of all ‘things’ and yet everything that is no thing originates within and arises as its glorious display. No Amaya. No Amaya’s thoughts and perceptions. No Amaya writing or preaching. Just Awareness at rest and in motion whether Amaya is in on the joke or not. Awareness is all there Is, was or could ever be.

… and yes, words cannot begin to offer even a taste of what This We Are is writing about.

“All of your life is for this alone, to free up the flow, to allow the current to gush and gurgle, swirl and whirl, fulfilling your luminous heart’s desires, bringing heaven to earth.” Card #4 By Design — The Wild Child

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