Powerful or Powerless?

We don’t easily accept the reality of no free will. I’ve always known it was true although I didn’t quite understand how it could be. Observing my life, it sure looked like I had it, at the very least on occasion, but something within kept saying no even to that compromise.

The idea of no free will is more untouchable than conversations about death. Most would be more willing to walk into the valley of the shadow of death than consider the possibility they have no free will to decide whether to take the walk or not. Interesting, don’t you think, that it’s the valley of the ‘shadow’ of death? I’m off track. I’ll save that for another post.

There’s a good reason people won’t budge on free will. At our essence, the truth of who we really are, we are omnipotence Itself. We are absolute freedom, the Creative Urge and Its fruition. At some level, we know we aren’t powerless, that we embody freedom itself, so we rebel against the idea that we have no free will, certain it is a bald faced lie.

How can we have no free will and be freedom itself? Sounds like an unsolvable paradox.

Many have explored the depths of their intimate experience and recognized that we are the everything that is no thing. For some it is the stuff of myth, for others, a lived reality. It is verifiable for anyone open and willing enough to look closely at their own experience. Experiencing arises in Consciousness – every single thought, the wide ranging feelings, the moving display of perceptions which includes our own body and the world. Every object arises and falls, is born and is recycled in us. The One Consciousness, the constant presence, That which Is, is the Source and its activity.

But that’s too abstract.

The separate self wants free will so that it can alter the course of life. Unfortunately the individual, the human being is in fact powerless. That one doesn’t care if as the whole she has all the power in the world. If she can’t access it, what good is it? The separate self wants to wield power, to use it to fix and change, to right wrongs, to turn lack into abundance. Totally understandable, but that’s not how it works.

This We Are, the all powerful Oz behind the curtain, is constantly generating infinite possibilities, is in our corner creating every experience we could ever want. Our experience changes when we are open enough to see the offerings and willing to accept them. We can’t see what we don’t believe exists. Source doesn’t withhold any of its benevolence. It doesn’t wait for us to be worthy. Ideas of worth are a manmade concept. It’s the same with resonance aligned with the need for suffering, the requirement of time, and the influence of the past.

While we hold those resonances we will be given opportunities to see how they play out in manifestation, not as punishment but because that’s how Consciousness unfolds. And in that process we will have experiences that may just shake our faith in the way we’ve always done it and rewrite the rules of our game. Each experience offers a mirror into our currently held resonance and points squarely at the truth – the Knower of the experience — Consciousness. It’s a rigged game and forever in our favor.

I could tell you to pay attention and dive within, deep into the intimacy of your own experience, into that which is as close to you as your own breath, but that would be silly. If you have no free will, how could you do what I suggest? But … isn’t this fun … if it is your time to do so, you will. Something in what I’ve written will reach out and touch you and in you will go. (Hint: Look for the unremovable, irreducible aspect of your experience)

“Free will is only free when mind empties, taking with it your entire karmic burden. Until then, recognize you are not totally free to act;your beliefs and thoughts act. Realize your programming has you imprisoned and let that recognition help you discern when you’re running on robo-pilot.” Card #20 Free Will — The Wild Child

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