A Subtle Difference

A smooth surface can be illusory. It is quite natural to mistake the stillness of the ocean as the end of life’s turbulence and its unsettled, heart piercing manifestation. It is also quite natural to encounter the messiness of life bubbling up from the ocean’s depths regardless of how enlightened one is. We may be awakened to reality, what many call enlightened, and yet can never be done. Done is the province of the separate self not Creativity Itself.    

Is the still ocean surface any less still, any less magnificent because its depth can never be utterly plumbed?  We are the Totality even though our waking world accesses only a finite slice of the whole. As we relax into who we are, as the surface smoothes over in a shiny gloss, peace is found. The struggle to tread water, to keep your head above the surface, eases into the simplicity of floating on your back. All is seen for what it is and that changes everything.

It no longer matters that the undersea world breeches the surface in a glorious display of our underbelly, that which was unconscious to us but always inherent to our fullness. That doesn’t mean that the body no longer reacts to pain or the impetus to do, that it no longer responds to its cues. What has changed is the recognition that I am not doing the body. I am not the thinker, the one in control. I never was.

Seeing that IS enlightenment. I am not; only God Is.

That loss of control is why most continue to scatter the ocean’s surface like a wreck of sea birds. It’s easier to massage the truth, to turn it inside out, to believe I am God. That allows one to regain the control surrendered along the path and is little different from wish-craft. Life is more enjoyable, mostly. The little I survives, only now, is sublimely dressed in golden clothes.       

I am God or I am not; only God Is. It is a subtle but powerful difference. One maintains the wave – limited and finite, the other reveals the entire ocean.  

“Surrendering, letting all that consumes and controls your life shatter, is only possible with trust that goes beyond belief, beyond faith. It is a trust that lies in the realm of inner cellular knowing. This is not something you can do. It is the fundamental function of your direct, divine experience.” Card #55 Benevolence Byway – The Wild Child

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