Who cares? Who are you anyway?

Thoughts don’t think.
Emotions don’t feel.
Sensations don’t hurt, don’t heal.

Who hurts?
Who suffers?
Who believes anything?

Isn’t it simply another thought that says, I thought that? Isn’t it just one more thought that takes an emotion and makes it into something other than a passing fancy of sensation? And doesn’t every belief hinge on a stack of thoughts strung together to create a false sense of doership and one whopper of a story?

Clean up your act if you must. Spend this precious life improving yourself if you can’t stop. Try to kill your ego if that’s what you must do, but if you’ve caught a glimpse of just how insane this is and still feel compelled to do something, investigate the who. See if you can find one.

If you can’t, then there’s no need to improve or annihilate a shadow? Wouldn’t that just add more layers of distortion to your misfocused spotlight of attention?

Who are you? Real-ly? I could tell you but what fun would that be? Besides, you’ll never trust me, nor should you. You’ll trust it more when you find out for yourself.

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