A Dream in GodMind

Tears are running down my cheeks. God, I love life. I read this quote, “If you could see your whole life start to finish, would you change anything?” With that simple question I dropped to my knees. There is nothing I would change, nothing I could change in this holy hologram, and knowing that, accepting the limits of this separate self absolutely, rather than detracting from the beauty, it makes it ferociously precious. Human beings are devastatingly beautiful, genuinely resilient and most have not an inkling of the true majesty hiding in plain sight.    

Our exquisite differences make life here on planet Earth an unrivaled playground. Each of life’s expressions plays its own perfect role. Be grateful for this variegated design because if all beings were alike there could be no adventure, no turn of the merry-go-round, no muddy skids into home plate. There’d be no point at all. Life would be a funhouse mirror, reflecting and refracting nothing but yourself, assuming of course, that you were the chosen one, the one from whom the pattern was cut. Even if you won the lottery would you be able to see anything? Would you even be at all if there was no contrast, no way to distinguish you from another if you and the other are the same? Standing in a sea of green leaves, the same shade, the same shape, perception gets lost in translation. Would green even be green if red was not?

The imposing multiplicity builds a design replete with a sense of power and includes ‘a you’ who picks from a world of choices. Without differentiation there’s nothing to choose, no lessons, no fun, no playground games. Most believe that life without personal power, without the ability to choose wouldn’t be worth living. They think it would be pointless, that it wouldn’t have meaning at all. If the end was predestined, that feels too much like being a puppet.

Here’s a question. Would that still apply if you didn’t know? Does it really matter if it is only an appearance of free will rather than free will itself? The experience is the same. It feels real. It plays like it is real … unless you are paying really close attention. What would it mean if none of this is real, that no one is ever harmed? If this is all Awareness-God-Consciousness playing every role, experiencing infinite possibilities where’s the downside?

Dreams born from human minds are quite convincing. They can wake you from a sound sleep with your heart racing and sweat running down your back. Sometimes it takes a bit to reorient, to remember it was just a dream. If your finite mind can do that, what could The Mastermind do? Life is a very convincing hologram, a dream inside God mind, not dissimilar to our dreams. Do your dream characters have free will? They have no more choice than characters in a movie. Chasing through the streets of dreamland it seems like you have power to choose but the story’s author, the script and the projectionist is your mind. That doesn’t make the dream world a scam. Dreams are wonderful and scary, a wonder of infinite experience.

What if what we call real life is something more magical and mysterious than finite terminality, humans living, choosing, and dying? What if we are a dream in the mind of God? What if we are that which dreams and is aware of the dream, just like our nighttime sorties into the array of possibilities? Wouldn’t that be singularly spectacular? Wouldn’t that drop you to your knees in awe?   

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