Living the Paradox

Regardless of how deeply the recognition of consciousness has set it roots into the no-thing-ness that is currently appearing in form as you, me and the world, the fact remains that we are here now and embodied.  Today, many talk about reality, about non-duality, about no one, no world. It’s particularly popular. Heck, I do it myself. At the absolute level it is absolutely true. What seems to get missed in the translation is that this earth experience is true too.

 It is pretty darn easy to skip over that and doing so, doesn’t benefit this grand design. Yeah … you could say, “Who cares? No one is here. There really isn’t anyone so how could anyone do anything?” But there is someone here, God in form is here, and hop skipping over it misses the point of this exquisite messy sublime sorrowful exciting mundane dreamworld entirely.

Some say there is no point. From the absolute understanding that’s hard to argue with. But life is not one point or the other. It is not the absolute versus the relative, or the material versus consciousness. It’s not a zero sum game. It’s all one living paradox and it all matters. Nothing IS without both sides of the paradox.

Seeing the wizard behind the curtain is important. It destroys ideas of death and separation. Who we are cannot die. Knowing that, all the way in, releases the creative being, setting her free within the passion play. Seeing that what we call life and the universe is the process of consciousness, its activity, makes sense of so much, like why my husband can hip bump me, moving me from one place in space to another, when he’s been dead for 10 years. It explains the religious concepts of omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, elevating them beyond concept into potent experience.  Consciousness is everywhere, everything, even all conceivable no things. It is the juice that powers the illusion, the dreamworld. It is knowing itself, knowing knowing only knowing.  It is you and me and we. I am not; It alone is and that annihilates separation.

Seeing that clearly, to the core, is more than important. It changes everything but to stop there, to abide there, discounting the material world creates another version of separation – separating the all from its expressions.  It is denial of This we are, a turning away from the Christ knocking at the door.

Life is always teaching, always showing us more when we are open, willing to have its full experience regardless of how deep the understanding goes. Each day offers miracles, the sweet lulls and voracious intensities, and each breath offers the opportunity to go further, further, further, into the uncharted territory of the heart. There is no end to the revelations, the unending flow of priceless gems.  

Today I was given a wholly new understanding of free will. What a gift. What a surprise. It’s easy to let even knowing become solidified. Don’t be tempted to set your stake in the ground on Consciousness, on any deep and wondrous understanding. If you have to set a stake set it in not-knowing , in blooming uncertainty and even then, be willing to pull up stakes and let This take you where it will.

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