The Essential Conversation

The Essential Conversation

A: If This is all there IS, that means my will has never existed, that Its will has always been in charge.

Y:  Does that mean I am a puppet of This, will-less and flopping in the breeze on the stage of life?

A: No. It’s worse than that … and better … for this I call I is not I at all, but the great I Am. There are no puppets, there is only This.

Y: How do I discover that? It seems pretty airy fairy?

A: It’s self-evident when the inner agenda drops and you peer into your experience with an open mind and heart. The you that peers is nothing but consciousness. That open mind and heart arise in you. Isn’t that cool!

Y: But I have experiences. I exist. Matter matters.

A: Everything arises in Consciousness, in This. Nothing is experienced other than experience and experience is a mishmash of perceptions and sensations, thoughts and feelings. You have never touched anything. What you call ‘touched things’ is the experience called sensations. You have never seen anything. What you call ‘seeing’ is perceptions, the knowing of seeing. Even thoughts arise and fall in consciousness, no ownership to be found. They are not yours. They do not arise at your bidding. Experiencing knowing – present aware consciousness is all there Is. Everything hinges on This. It’s your bottom floor, the top deck and everything in between.    

Y: So what does that mean for my will?

A: I am not; This alone Is.

Y: (a bit of confusion and outrage) Wait a minute. I am here. I know I am. If I know anything at all, it’s that.

A: (Giggling) Yes you are. You are present and you know you are present. You are here and aware you are here. Isn’t that the definition of This that Is? Consciousness?

Y: But … but … but …

A: Why would you want to continue the experience of limitation when you can have a slightly 😉 less limited one? Why not just accept the facts and step into your infinite inheritance now? There’s really no need to wait until you die.

Y: (Silence) But, what about me?

A: Sorry … well not really … but it’s one or the other. You can’t be infinite and finite … well you can, you are, that’s what manifested reality is all about, but you won’t experience it that way. You’ll only experience the limited version and you know what that’s like. Remaining finite doesn’t change the reality of your Thisness. It just changes your experience, puts you in a smaller, more confining skin, you know, a limited one. You’re still You – This – you just won’t know it.

Y: So , no me, no free will?

A: What appears to be your free will continues to operate in a limited fashion while you still put your faith in yourself, like it has your entire life. That’s the reason your life feels a little messed up sometimes. The will that created it was squashed down. Your limited sense of who you are limited its flow. Finite beings always create. It’s just distorted from what’s possible.

Y: So I’ve never created anything?

A: Not exactly. You are always creating only you’re not you. That’s why it feels like you have free will. Right now you’re a slimmed down version of the infinite, of Consciousness, of This. IT has always been you. There is nothing but IT, experiencing life through the multiplicity of vistas called humans and this world. See this clearly and IT is set free in its full flow into manifested reality.

Y: How do I do that?

A: That’s the gazillion dollar question isn’t it?

Y: Sure feels that way to me.

A: The answer lies in what we’ve been talking about — your will. See it for what it is, and it will be easier to let it go. It was never yours to begin with and hanging onto it stunts your experience of life, deadens it. Let it genuinely drop away and see what happens. If it feels like dying, die. If it doesn’t you’re still hanging onto a subtler version. You have to die to the lie to come fully alive.      

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