The word obstructionism popped into my awareness this morning. When that happens I know am going to write about it. The first thing that came after that word was what do I have to say about obstructionism? Nothing … and then writing began. I love how that works!

You see obstructionism every day. It is blatant in politics. It is the impulse behind the cancel culture. To obstruct — to stop whatever is happening in order to get one’s preferred version of life.

Are you really any different?

Obstructionism is deliberate. That means it is conscious. It doesn’t take into consideration what is right or good. It doesn’t even matter if it is true. The end justifies the means.

While some personal obstructionism is conscious, much lies below the surface. Bits surface for a glimpse and if you aren’t paying attention, aren’t willing to literally stop what you are doing and investigate, they submerge again where they bite you from the hidden depths.

Most take obstructionism for business as usual in politics anymore. It wasn’t so blatantly, obviously like that when I was growing up. People weren’t willing to burn the whole house down to remodel the bathroom. Was it happening 50 years ago? Sure it was, perhaps not to the extent it is now and definitely not out in the open, couched in pride and self-satisfaction. Because it was seen for what it was, it was cooked behind closed doors.

Isn’t everything politics? Cancel culture sure is. It seems religion, at least religion that makes the news, is as well. It’s all about power, who will wield it, who will benefit, who will be crushed by the winner never to rise again.

What part of your being would you crush if you could? What part of your life would you cancel?
There are lots of models of the world in play. A staggering number of those models are all about power. Why? Because humans, people unable to see past their separation indoctrination, at their core feel powerless.

Control lies at the heart of all of life’s entanglements, the rapacious need for it and the burning sense that there is none, the inner knowing of omnipotence and the outer reflection of utter powerlessness.

On different levels of understanding and integration they are all true. They are the ultimate paradoxes.

What’s delicious is that in order to realize the truth of omnipotence, the need, the desire, the idea and reality of personal power must be surrendered … and you can’t do it. You will never surrender. Surrender is not something you can do. Surrender happens organically when the absolute futility of control is made conscious.

You will investigate, inquire into, and notice but only if those models lives within you. Some will read these words and see only insanity. Some will read them and open into new possibilities. Some are here for the peep show, some the grand show, and some don’t want to go to the show at all. Is one model better than the other? No, although seeing through the haze, enjoying the panoramic view, is totally awesome dude.

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